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Scooters are the best option to use on the roads full of traffic. They are compact and easy-to-use. But while pollution is also one of the major concerns, electric scooter sharing is what you should opt for. Here are the 4 reasons you should adopt the electric scooter sharing for.

  1.     Easy on pollution

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. Conventional scooters run on fuel and so they emit air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, etc. Electric scooters run on batteries don’t emit the gases harmful to the environment and human health. This helps in minimizing the carbon footprint.

  1.     Easy on traffic

When you commute using scooter sharing services, you contribute to the congestion reduction efforts. You have to rely less on personal vehicles, thus no fretting over finding parking spots or spending on regular maintenance services.

  1.     Less costly to use

Conventional fuel-based scooters cost much and it doesn’t end there. The costs of fuel, maintenance, depreciation, etc. sum up to a huge amount. Compare that to electric scooter sharing where you don’t have any upfront costs. You just have to rent e-scooters whenever needed because all other costs are taken care of by the company.  

  1.     Works best for short trips

E-scooters don’t typically travel as fast as cars and bikes. Also, who would like to ride a car when roads are full of traffic? So electric scooter sharing is the best suitable for short trips.

Thus, scooter sharing is becoming more prominent in many cities across India due to the various benefits that they offer. Scooters are no longer considered the assets to own as sharing seems more viable to the individuals and environment both. All in all, scooter sharing is looked at as a cost-efficient and convenient option.

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