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Summary: As you get ready to graduate from college and dream of an unconventional career ahead, it is not an alien thought in today’s world– at least not as much as it was a decade ago. Youngsters are determined to pave their own way and break the conventional moulds. So, if you have the drive to do something different, a knack for creativity and interest in personal grooming, then Education industry can be the ideal field for you.

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Contrary to the conventional norms Education industry unbinds new opportunities, so much more than the typical trade next door. It encompasses several new domains, most of which never existed as a well-defined profession. You can choose to take a major in a feel of your interest. It is a challenging and creative field that is constantly evolving. Being the only industry that has never registered a slack due to recession, earning opportunities are limitless. And best of all, in most sectors, as you grow and hone your skills, your income knows no limit.

Even if you rule out the multitudes of specialization within each branch, broadly you can major in these many fields as per your interests and educational background.

MBA Courses

MBA is a terrific sector in education. It can alter looks magically if applied well, and can mar even a naturally pretty face when not handled correctly. Minus the other aspects of grooming and wellness and makeup alone is an art followed as a serious profession. The only basic requirement is that you should have an eye for nuances and Education. By being a makeup artist, you will learn how to play with cosmetics and transform looks. You can start a job at one of the professional salons and with experience, and can go up to being the look designer in fashion and film industry.

Diploma in health

Until lately, wellness and Education were two separate fields, but with the realization of power of natural sciences and clos relation between healthy body and good looks, the two have been overlapping. Holistic approaches to heal the body and groom looks are in trend these days. This gave a tremendous bunch of opportunities to students with a science background. By obtaining a diploma in health you can be a nutrition expert, wait manager or just be employed as a health consultant at premium salons.

Hair/Skin care expert

With numerous dermatological conditions closely related with Education, the need for a medically sound hair or skin care expert was felt– someone who could not just hide the blemishes but heal them from within. So you can be an expert consultant advising people about products and regimen.

Hair Stylist

If you love to play with locks, then this is the ideal playground for you. With technology reaching new heights you can obtain a formal training in hair styling and earn really well.

So, with these many variations and a lot more opening up, this industry has a lot to offer. If you have the skills, creative eye and the longing to learn, then you could go a long way

This article is written by Vivek Yadav. In this article, He is describing about career in Education industry after completed Makeup courses and diploma in health from Education school.

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