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When it comes to cooking, I think, anyone can somehow manage doing it, but when it comes to delighting taste buds of others, challenge comes up and there are a handful of people who succeeds in it. Similarly, though there is a chain of restaurants, dhabas and eateries, there a very few that actually hits priority list of diners.  The moment it comes to such an eatery that has compelling effect to make diners visit oven and over again, Dhaba by Claridges suits the frame.

I got to know about Dhaba Claridge through one of my friends and trust me friends…the moment I was in, that was it.  The international concept, wrapped rustically was beautifying the place. Besides this, waiters at Dhaba by Claridge were dressed in typical Punjabi attire and were maintaining the lively essence of Punjab.

Varying from snacks to main course meals, they had an array of dishes fir both veg enthusiast and non-veg lovers. Here, food is categorized in three broad genres: tandoor, tawa and patila.

No matter you are a big foodie or not at Dhaba, you won’t have to compromise neither with quality nor with variety of lip-smacking dhaba food and this is what that compels people to come here over and over again. As aforesaid, it was not only me; rather I can assure you that when you will enter, you will certainly feel disconnected from outside. You will be delighted here with every other thing varying from ambience to variety and flavors to presentation of food; everything has a glimpse of perfection, which can please even a faultfinder.

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