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Have you been planning on getting inked? If yes, apart from scheduling appointment with a proficient and experienced artist, who assures desirable result under all circumstances, try choosing a proper design too. Although a wide range of options are readily available at present, in this write-up, let us find out the meanings of few attractive flower tattoos like rose, chrysanthemum, sunflower, hibiscus, etc.

  1. Cherry blossom-

Cherry blossom has impressed a larger segment of the population until now. While in few cultures, it represents youth and springtime, others believe they show how fragile is life. Japanese think cherry blossoms stand for beauty.

  1. Rose-

Top-notch professionals determining Phuket tattoo cost said rose is complex but look gorgeous when carved with caution. It expresses passion, hope, and brand-new beginnings. When thorns added, the rose symbolises thoughtlessness, defense, grief, etc.

  1. Tulip-

Many people etch tulips on their skin probably because they are of different vibrant colours, namely pink, maroon, purple, white, black, cream, red, and yellow. Tulips depict positive aspects starting from aspiration and advancement to opportunity and adjustment.

  1. Hibiscus-

In addition to gentleness, exoticism, royalty, politeness, fame, etc., the colour of these flowers is also known for treasuring meanings. For example, red hibiscus denotes love, yellow friendship, and purple wealth.

  1. Lily-

Lily would look good on almost all body parts, and even though still not a mainstream theme for a tattoo, it is gaining eminence gradually. According to Christians, lily is a symbol of the Virgin Mary, whose soul and heart was incredibly pure.

  1. Sunflower-

The sunflower is rightly called the ‘happy flower’. Owing to bearing a close resemblance to the sun, it is associated with warmth and delight. Sunflower also stands to be a symbol of fertility.

  1. Lotus-

Lotus is noted for having religious significance. Despite growing in murky surroundings, it somehow struggles and emerges as something exceptionally beautiful. This shows that people can recover from adverse situations and be successful in life.

  1. Chrysanthemum-

As per the Japanese folklore, the chrysanthemum represents determination, generosity, and greatness of men. It also is related to the sun, hence, carries forward the general meaning of long life because chrysanthemum possesses medicinal properties.

  1. Daisy-

Exuding diverse feminine characteristics like beauty, innocence, coyness, etc., daisies are primarily chosen by young girls, who are getting a tattoo for the very first time. This particular tattoo would look good on feet, inner wrist, nape of the neck, outer collarbone, waist, and finger.

From the above discussion, we can fairly conclude that flower tattoos are not only aesthetically appealing but also profoundly connotative. Besides rejuvenating outer appearance, they can highlight significant aspects of character, and help you honour a deceased family member or friend. Now when choosing studios, I would ask readers to depend upon a quality yet affordable one. Most enthusiasts consider Phuket tattoo cost within everybody’s budget.

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