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India is so incredibly large and diverse that it looks more like a continent than a country. A visit to this immense country is an attack on your senses, in the good sense of the word. From the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical waters of Kerala or the desert of Royal Rajasthan Tour. And in combination with the rich culture, the delicious food, the religion, the people and the languages ​​you have a fantastic journey.

Travel information India

From the Punjabis with their turbans to the Tamils. Everywhere on the street you can taste delicious food and you come across the most beautiful centuries-old buildings. In addition, rituals and traditions are maintained in the temples that have been performed since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. You can read all necessary India travel information here, including:

  • Backpacking in India
  • Best travel time
  • Budget
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Food and drink
  • Transport

Backpacking India

Backpacking is a very nice way to discover a country. You often have a little longer time and travel without plans. This makes you free and flexible to change your plans whenever you want.

If you like it somewhere you stay longer, if you want to leave earlier you can. It is the THE way to discover a country and its inhabitants.

Those who want to experience an unforgettable adventure in a country that will surprise you in every way should not miss India. The versatility, the people, the sights. Backpacking India is an experience you’ll never forget

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Route book

Are you going to India soon or do you have plans? Do you not yet know exactly which route to follow?

Then check our Route Book. Nearly 30 routes through Asia are described here. Including India


Best travel time to India

India is an immense country so it has many different climate zones. You can assume that the months of October, December and March are the best months to travel. In these months you have the best weather with warmth during the day and slightly cooler evenings.

The month of October is the  high season. Prices are going up and there are many tourists. November is the most beautiful month in nature. Everything is still pretty green because the rainy season has just ended and there is less rain than in October.

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Budget India

Travel information India also includes the budget. The Indian rupee is the national currency. 100 rupee is approximately € 1.35. What you spend per day naturally depends on your own wishes. For 200 rupiah you can sleep in a low-budget hostel or easily spend € 300 in an expensive resort. The same applies to food and drink. Count on around € 30 to € 45 per day.

For that amount you can sleep in your own room, eat in normal restaurants and you also have the money to visit sights and travel. Keep in mind that the prices are going up during the high season (December to March).

TIP ♥ – you can find more information on the page budget India .

Visa India

If you are looking for India travel information you will often end up with the visa. As a Dutch or Belgian citizen you need a visa to enter India. The visa you are applying is valid for 3 months (180 days) .You can you apply for India visa to visa abroad.

You can apply for a visa in the following ways;

  • e-visas via the internet
  • via the India Visa & Consular Application Center
  • online through a visa office
  • Belgians and Dutch can go to the Indian Embassy in Brussels

TIP ♥ – you can read more info on the Visa India page


India vaccinations

Something you absolutely must prevent is getting sick while traveling. Unfortunately we speak from experience and know that it is no fun. And vaccinations are sometimes cut back. Something we definitely do not recommend.

Always be well informed by a doctor and do not simply copy something from the internet. There are no compulsory vaccinations for India, but a number are recommended such as DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis A + B.

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Food and drink India

The food in India is incredibly varied. If you eat in India, you will mainly eat rice and cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fresh herbs. The many religions in the country have ensured that the food is just as special as the country itself.

The cow is of course a sacred animal and therefore no beef is eaten. Muslims in India do not eat pork and many Hindus are vegetarian .

TIP ♥ – you can find more information on this subject on the page  food and drink India.


Transportation India

Travel information India also has to do with transportation. It is a huge country so it is good to know what options there are. Keep in mind that traffic is always chaotic, wherever you go. Mopeds and  motor rickshaws are racing by and honking quite frequently. However, don’t be put off because as chaotic as India may be, you always end up at your destination.


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