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Remember Mumbai, and you get automatically reminded of Bollywood, your favorite stars and many more. But when asked to mention the best tourist places in Mumbai, you will be hard pressed to remember. No worries! In this article, let us focus on the best places you can visit as a traveler in Mumbai.


Traveler’s Best Tourist Spots In Mumbai


Yes, compared to other State Capitals, you can tell that Mumbai does not have many historical monuments, but it matches the same fame with places of various types. There is seldom a State capital such as Mumbai, where you can find places ranging from Beaches to spiritual places of every religion. Please do not try to miss any attractions mentioned in this article. Or you will miss a memorable trip.


How To Go To These Places


Although we have given the best places for tourists in Mumbai, we have ensured that all the places are located adjacent to the City Center. You can easily go to these places by bike. Do you have a relative or close friend in Mumbai city? Then the task is made easy. You just have to mark the places, and then roam with ease.


Marine Drive

What do you make out of the name? Your guess is right. This place is suitable for a long drive and it is located near the sea. One of the most visited tourist places in Mumbai and a prominent landmark, the entire distance is 3.6 km. If you go by the parameters, the Marine Drive starts at Nariman Point (south end) and gets completed at Girgaum Chowpatty (another name – Chowpatty Beach). The total place is arc-shaped. The other name for this

place is Queen’s Necklace. It is also considered one of the romantic spots for couples in the city.


Gateway of India

One look at the name, and you can guess the significance of this monument.

It was constructed to mark the visit of King George V/Queen Mary to Mumbai. Nicknames for this monument are many, with the most important being “Mumbai’s Taj Mahal.” The building architecture is a combination of Western, Arabic as well as Indian architecture. The construction started in 1911 and was completed in 1924. If you want to go to the famous Elephanta Caves by ferry service, the Gateway of India serves as the exit point.


Colaba Causeway

Do you indulge in shopping? Or have you brought a family member interested in shopping? Then you need to visit Colaba Causeway which is the best place in Mumbai for shopping. You can get any item ranging from clothes, earrings and various home stuff such as antiques. You can do street shopping on a reduced budget. Do you have a large budget and are on the lookout for brands? The options are plenty. So, you came to this place, parked your bike in a stand and roamed the length and breadth of this place. Now you are tired and want to have snacks. Or maybe a few drinks? You can find many restaurants with the best recipes. And the prices are affordable.

You can also find prominent places near Colaba Causeway. For example, you can reach the Gateway of India within a short time from this place. The same applies to the majestic Taj Mahal Hotel, considered an important landmark in the city.


Juhu Beach

Have you heard of Juhu Beach? You must, and it is a commonplace discussed in many Bollywood movies. As far as Mumbai is concerned, it is the longest beach. And this place is also famous for another aspect. Many Bollywood actors and actresses have their homes on Juhu beach. Go jogging in the early morning, and you can spot a TV celebrity or Bollywood start exercising on the beach.

Have you ever watched street acrobats in action? Then you should visit this place. The other places to visit near Juhu Beach are the ISKCON Temple and Prithvi Cafe (for theatre performances).


SiddhiVinayak Temple

Similar to Juhu Beach, some Bollywood stars are devotees of this SiddhiVinayak temple. One of the revered shrines, the temple has attained a cult status.


Elephanta Caves

Did the name spark a brain wave? Yes, it must have. You have read about Elephanta Caves in your school, in historical subjects. This is one place which you cannot reach by bike from Mumbai. You can go to Elephanta caves by ferry from the Gateway of India. This place is a UNESCO Heritage site and is a living example of rock-cut architecture and paintings. Please note, that this tourist place in Mumbai also serves as a trekking destination.


Bandra Worli Sea Link

The other name for this combination of Mother Nature and the man-made marvelous bridge is Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. More than 37000 vehicles can go over this bridge. In fact, the bridge was constructed to reduce the travel time among Worli and Bandra. You can view Mumbai from the bridge and take the best shots with your camera. Or you can sit in the nearby park and admire the lights on the bridge after sunset.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Can you name any railway station that is well connected to the rest of India? You are right. It is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It is also known by another name, Victoria Terminus. If you want the best example of Victorian-Gothic style architecture, then visit this place. Although built more than a century ago, this railway is still functional and is a bustling center of activity. Have you seen the famous movie “Slumdog Millionaire?” The song “Jai Ho” has some scenes shot in this railway station. Do not forget to visit this station as it is one of the best tourist places in Mumbai.


Prince of Wales Museum

One of the heritage buildings and the most visited tourist places in Mumbai. The construction of the building started in 1905 and was completed in 1922. The building is a combination of British, Indian and Mughal engineering style and is situated in the middle of a garden. The total artifacts in the museum come to nearly 50,000 and they represent the rich cultural heritage of India. In recent times, the name of the building has been changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay.


Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

You could have seen this place in many Bollywood movies. This is a place where clothes from all over Mumbai are brought to get hand-washed by hundreds of washermen through concrete troughs. If you want to see an open laundry and view the manual scrubbing of clothes, then you need to visit Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat.



There are still many attractions in Mumbai and we know them. But, it is difficult to put all of them in a single article. In this article, except Elephanta Caves, we have focused on the places you can reach by bike. Have you come from Bangalore or any part of India to roam around Mumbai? Then the best way is to move around by bike. If you have a close friend or relative, and if they can lend their bike, then you can visit the places mentioned above with ease. Are you in a similar situation? If yes, then you are lucky.


But there is one traveler tip you have to follow. The bike needs to be in excellent condition. Just consult with the friend if the maintenance service has been completed. Or else, give the vehicle the service as per the requirement. In this digital era, you can opt for doorstep bike servicing in Mumbai. You can find these services in the app of companies which offer home repair services in Mumbai. With the servicing done by best-qualified mechanics at affordable prices, you can not only visit the places mentioned in this article, but also other attractions in Mumbai.


Here is a toast to your bike visits. All the best!

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