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At the time of decorating your home with the rug of your choice, you need to consider about some factors. The material of the carpet is one of the crucial factors that you need to think of. The durability, texture; feel is dependent on the material that you select.

When you are choosing the carpet on the basis of the material, it can be divided into two major parts. One is a natural fibre, and the other fibre is a synthetic one. Some great floor rugs Melbourne designers and some other place around the world are selling their best work. Here are the top materials to choose from

Natural Fibre

You can choose eco-friendly and natural fibres. They are durable and elegant and if you want to make your home a little bit cosier try thing rugs

  • Wool Rugs

Wool undoubtedly the most durable rug options available in the market, is the popular choice of homeowners whenever they think of rugs. Holding its glory for a long time, wool allows a massive amount of colour options to choose from. Its soft texture is comfortable for your feet.  It is also a material that can be easily cleaned, so families with kids like to have it in their living room.

  • Jute Rugs

Jutes have been used for many years to make beautiful rugs. With the mixture of sisal, it turns as a very strong component. These types of rugs are a bit hard, so if you want to use it rough or outdoor, you can also do it. It is also a perfect alternative for those who have an allergy on wool. However, keep in your mind also that this material can feel harsher on your feet than wool or cotton rugs and they absorb moisture also, so it is difficult to remove stains from this.

Synthetic Fibre

These types of rugs are mainly made in the machine and with inorganic material. The process of creating it depends on a computing machine. In the making process, the clients even get the pattern they want on the carpet.

  • Polyester Rugs

This type of carpets has its perks. This material is dyed, so it is resistant to fading, bleaching, and it does not tear easily. It is not so expensive which makes it the perfect choice for every household. It is difficult to dye, and it is not oil resistant. So if oil remains on it for long, it can leave a permanent stain on it.

  • Viscose Rugs

It is a shiny and soft fibre that feels more like silk. It is made out of rayon filaments. Some rugs feel like velvet, and if you are looking forward to adding some luxury in your home, you can select this product.

Those are some top options for floor rugs Melbourne or some other areas around the world. There are other rugs options available in the market. Select the product according to your need and give your home the exact makeover that you want.

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