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No wonder Digital Marketing has gained pace over the last few years. Interestingly, it is now in the list of the top career options and it opens doors to multiple career streams. Digital Marketing can now build a new-born brand, or escalate a start-up or advertise a Fortune 500 company. Digital Marketing has become the greatest solution for all needs. Let us look at some of the lucrative career options in the multidimensional field of Digital Marketing.


  1. Content Creation

Content management is one of the very critical aspects of digital marketing. It goes beyond the art of writing social media captions. The writers are primarily responsible for generating content that promotes their brand and aligns it with the brand value while it is running parallel with the marketing strategies. Content managers’ work on the SEO oriented content, organize and execute the plan. What looks like a basic content writing takes a 180-degree flip as it introduces a totally different world of content creation. Furthermore, it goes deeper into adopting as per the latest trends as they grasp the huge variety that is out there in different forms of content. A content writer could easily earn up to $80,000 USD and even more than that.


  1. Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

Another field that requires detailed knowledge of digital marketing is developing VR from video art. The high tech job is highly crafty in nature and would require you to have good knowledge in the technological domain. If you come from a background that involves technology and creativity, this can be one of the best options to explore. Making graphics, adding effects and editing, it has everything that could be of your interest. These technical masters are also very well suited to creative software. The earning potential could be between $ 65,000 to $ 1, 00,000 USD and go up to any point.


  1. SEO and SEM Specialist

To add wings to content and website, SEO and SEM are the crucial aspects of digital marketing. The specialists in the domain must demonstrate solid technical knowledge that goes well with digital marketing expertise. What is more important here is that since the statistics keep fluctuating, it is important to keep ourselves posted on the latest updates. In addition to this, they have to look into the ROI and e-commerce benefits that come through their work. As the pages rank high, the more chances are there of getting great revenue opportunities. The earning potential of the field is approximately $62,000- $1, 00,000 USD.


  1. UX Designer

These designers are generally responsible for developing websites. It could be end-to-end webpage development or it could be digital marketing applications. Although the field requires you to have technical skills to develop such apps and pages, however, it is also mandatory to have knowledge of digital marketing to understand the function of the same. The field involves technical aspects while it involves creativity to a great extent. The salaries in this domain go somewhere around $50,000 USD to $1, 50,000 USD.


  1. Email Marketing Specialist

What ideally revolved around content creation is now a totally separate field. The art of promoting your brand and subtly selling it is entirely different from normal content creation. Also, this might as well mean that people may have to work on their copyrighting and editing to an extent. While emails are taken to be one of the most powerful tools to market a brand, the lead generation activity can bring fantastic revenue for a brand. Email marketers can earn up to $50,000 USD and even more as per their experience and potential.


Now that you are roughly familiar with some of the best career options in Digital Marketing, you can see what suits your profile the best. Leverage Edu can further help you access and evaluate your profile and help you choose the right career path. If you like this article, make sure you stay connected to know more about the best career streams.

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