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Playing puzzle games is very addictive, challenging, exciting, and a great booster for our brain as well. So, if you’re a puzzle game lover, especially maze puzzle, then you’re at the right place now. Here, below I’ve listed the 3 best maze puzzle games for Android that you can consider to try at first.
So, let’s have a look at these classic styled amazing maze puzzle games.

Extnt – A Tailored Puzzle Game

The first pick is Extnt, offered by Extnt Game, an addictive, engaging, and challenging 2D maze puzzle game for everyone, available for Android and IOS. It’ll present you the challenge to solve circular labyrinth style puzzles of varying complexity with a unique puzzle experience that delivers very fun, exciting, and challenging gameplay. Due to its exceptional minimalist design with a central focus on maze gameplay, it’s totally different from other maze puzzle games.

Extnt presents uniquely generated maze every time you play, as well as the maze levels are created with relative complexity that’s get updated through time to allow for your new and unlimited opportunities to push the potential.

With 4 types of controlling it’ll give you the total control of the gameplay. Besides that, it has an innovative dual ranking system for global and local in order to help expand your potential from beginner to pro level. Also, you can showcase your achievements through the ranking systems. Overall, a completely dynamic puzzle experience for the enthusiast and mental thrill seeker alike.

Download Extnt for Android

Mazes & More


Mazes & More is another classic labyrinth maze puzzle game with fun tweaks and surprises! In the game, just swipe your finger and guide the dot through the walls to find a way out escaping the labyrinth. 2D graphics with minimalist design make it feel like a classic and retro maze game, while new game modes keep the adventure fresh and sometimes scary!

Easy to play with flexibility, forget about awkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer. All the mazes are made by hand, no randomized levels, 6 categories such as Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Traps, Darkness, and Time Trial. More will come! All you need to explore and find a way out through the intricate walls to complete all 450 labyrinths and become the king of the maze.

Download Mazes & More for Android

Maze Amazing

Maze Amazing is our third & last pick on this list that’s really a great puzzle game, especially for older people who have trouble controlling touch screens. Anyone can easily play this game, as he/she doesn’t have to drag the ball continuously. Once you mark the point of direction, the ball rolls in the direction until the next decision point. There is no worry about frustrations of losing the ball! By the time as you level up, the mazes will get harder and more challenging!

As well as, Maze Amazing also works fine in off-line. That means you don’t need to have any internet or data connection to play it.

Download Maze Amazing for Android


So, try the maze puzzle games above to get a sophisticated puzzle experience forever. Play, solve the puzzles, get level up, finish all the puzzles, and be the king of the maze. And, let us know your thought about maze puzzle games in the comment box. We would be happy to hear from you

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