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Do you love driving bikes through crazy traffic? Do you love to play extreme bike racing game on your Android? If the answer is yes and you’re looking for a great bike traffic racing game to play, you are at the right place now. Because here, I have listed the 3 best bike traffic racing games for Android. And, all these 3 games are all about riding super sport-bikes, super speed, dodging different vehicles through crazy traffic, challenges, domination, and much more.

So, let’s have look at the list below first before starting the engine of your superbikes and riding through huge traffic.

1. Free Bike Traffic Racing – Bike Racing Simulator

Our first pick on this list is Free Bike Traffic Racing, a fast-paced and daring driving game offered by Sudden Games. Playing this game, you can enjoy the real racing challenge driving through insane heavy traffic. Also, you can ride most of the super-fast motorbikes in the world. Play it and enjoy the furious traffic racing and earn coins as much you can to unlock more powerful sports bikes. Each time, you’ll be given 3 chances to stay alive in the in every race after that the game is over.

It comes with HD graphics, detailed dynamic 3D environments, different driving modes, collection top super-bikes, and high-quality background sound. And, I think it’s really worth to try this bike racing game. Just give it a shot to enjoy the challenging and thrilling fun of traffic racing.

Download Free Bike Traffic Racing for Android

2. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider another popular free bike traffic racing game for Android with much more detailed gaming experience. It offers an endless racing genre to a completely new level by adding a full career mode, as well as, better graphics, first-person view perspective, and real-life recorded bike sounds. Certainly, it’s a master class bike traffic racing game. All you need to start the engine, ride your bike through different endless roads overtaking crazy traffic, upgrade old bikes & buy new bikes, and beat the missions in career mode.

This traffic racing game includes some amazing features like first-person camera view and support for 19 languages. As well as, includes 29 super motorbikes to choose from, over 70 missions in career mode, 30+ achievements, and online leaderboards. The faster you ride, the more scores you’ll get and when driving over 100 KMH, try overtaking vehicles closely to get extra scores and cash as a bonus.

Download Traffic Rider for Android


3. Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

Now, it’s Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer — our last pick on this list of best bike traffic racing games for Android. This is a fast and daring moto driving game where you can drive and pass cars, trucks, and other vehicles at blazingly fast speeds on your motorcycle. It’s all about dodging insane traffic, increasing your speed, trying to make more scores, and ultimate challenge.

Keep your eyes on the street, zoom down the open roads and try not to crash, and try driving through insanely fast highways with an as high speed as possible and dodge traffic closely to collect high score to get all the unlockable motorcycle riders. Also, you can challenge your friends by racing online and share pictures and videos of your crashes with your friends to make more fun!

Download Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer for Android



So, now you can start your riding through the highway traffic to show your skills. Enjoy your riding, and let us know your thought about these traffic racing games in the comment box. We’re all here traffic race lover together!

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