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Summary: Multani mitti has been an essential part of the beauty regimen of most ravishing beauties of the past. Its benefits have been recognized and appreciated from centuries and today scientific research backs those beliefs. So if you are curious of the benefits of this wonder ingredient, then the follow-up of the article gives some effective benefits and practical uses.

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Fuller’s earth, commonly known as ‘Multani mitti’ is a clay substance widely recognized and popular in India. It’s due to its healing, cleansing and soothing properties that the beauty industry is so taken with it. Most cosmetic hair and skin masks use it as a base. It is cheap, natural and certainly has no side effects even with prolonged use. Though originally, it was used as an absorbent in wool manufacturing, but today beauty uses have taken over 90% of its consumption. So, here are some of the benefits and how you can harness them.

  • Its property to remove dead cells is a boon for weather beaten skin. Its gentle exfoliating properties make it a favourite of beauty experts for combination skin.
  • It also imparts a certain clean glow to your face.
  • It unclogs your pores gently making room for your skin to breath.
  • It improves the texture of oily skin and people suffering from acne and marks.
  • It also lightens acne marks and blemishes to a certain extent when used alone, but becomes an incredible treatment when used with other ingredients.
  • It makes your skin makeup ready by deep cleansing and neutralizing any shiny areas so the makeup sets in better and you don’t need those layers of powder to get the matte effect.
  • It also prepares your skin for night creams and other treatments by cleansing the pores so the treatment can work from deep within.
  • It is the most wonderful and best resort for oily skin. Regular application can balance the oil production completely and forever.
  • A simple daily face mask for oily skin can be a paste of Fuller’s earth diluted in rose water.
  • Dry skin can also benefit from its deep cleansing properties by adding almond paste, milk and glycerine to the aforementioned face pack.
  • Its application also improves blood circulation.
  • It soothes irritated and inflamed skin immediately, thus very effective on rashes, sun burns and prickly heat burst outs. It can even prevent blisters when applied immediately on burnt skin.
  • Another very effective face pack for blemish free and fair skin is made by mixing it with tomato juice and sandalwood powder. Multani Mitti cleanses your face, tomato juice acts as a bleaching agent while sandal improves skin quality.
  • Very few natural ingredients offer immediate relief from full grown inflamed acne but multani mitti is one of them. It visibly reduces its size and soothes inflammation right from first application and heals the breakout completely over time. Mix it with clove powder, camphor, neem powder/ paste, rose water and apply the paste topically over your acne. However, don’t apply it over entire face as it may cause burning sensation.
  • It is also an effective de-tan pack. Add yoghurt and lime juice to it and apply regularly as a face pack.

So, these were just a few of the benefits of this wonderful clay. It can be your one-stop beauty solution.

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