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Back Pain during flights is a very common discomfort for passengers, especially on a long-haul flight. Whether you suffer from a chronic back pain or the reason is sitting for long hours, professional medical experts suggest various ways to alleviate back pain in flights. You can find some effective travel-friendly products online that can help you cope up with the discomfort. However, you must get the product approved by your physical therapist or physician. The more trusted ways are exercises. There are different kinds of stretched that you can practice both before and during your flight journey.

We have got you the best kinds in this blog. Give it a read.

Expert Approved pre-flight stretches

Take out a few minutes f or your body before boarding the flight to assure you do not land with a severe back pain. You can try these pre-flight stretches:

Rotations: Stand with the pelvis straight in forward direction and twist your shoulders slightly to both the sides. Try twisting as much as possible until it starts paining. For more relief, you can hold for a few seconds at the end point. Just make sure you are in a standingposition. Do three repetitions.

Side bends:Reach for your right knee with your right arm bending your spine laterally untilthere’s a stretch. Keep your head in the center of gravity. Do back and forth bend with 10 repetitions on both sides. Repeat thrice.

Stretchesto tryon the plane

Traveling with back pain?Carry out these stretches in sitting position when on the plane:

Seated knee pull ups:Sit straight and pull your left knee towards your left shoulder and hold it for 30 seconds with your hands. Do the same with your right knee. Repeat the process a few times in an hour. This stretch reduces the pressure on your rear joints in lower back. If you have tightened ligaments or lower back muscle, this is a very useful exercise.

Straight-arm dips:Place your hands on the seats and lock your arms. Now press your body with help of your shoulders. Doing this helps activatingyour lower trapezius muscles that pulls down the scapula to the right position. It takes off the pressure form your neck muscles. When you lift a bit from the seat, you decompress your lower back relieving pressure. If you feel it is not hitting the right spot, try curling your head into chest to stretch the upper back muscles. In case of severe lower back pain, contract your abs into a crunch to engage your core.

Lumbar rotation (in sitting position):If you find it difficult to stand, relax and stretch your lower back muscle. Keep your knees forward (in a proper sitting position) and turn the upper body to the right, hold for around 10 seconds. Repeat the rotational stretch on the left side. This simple stretch relaxes the lower back musculature.Back pain due to traveling is quite common these days, weather you are a youngster or an adult in your 40s. This stretch can help you deal with the situation better.

Seated figure four stretch:Sit with your legs crossed and push the knee down while leaning forward. This stretch helps relax your glutes and lower back muscles. Do it for both the sides, that is, with both the legs.

Below mentioned are some stretches that you can perform in a standing position:

Side steps: Stand straight with your feet at hip distance. Take one step to the left and then to the right. Repeat this 50 times.

Sciatic Nerve Ending:Stand straight swing your left leg upto 30 degrees to the front and again backward. Do ten repetitions with both legs.

Pelvic tilts:Stand and bend your knees slightly. Start rocking your pelvis forward and backward for around 10 times. Sway the hips to sides (10 times).

Standing march:Stand straight with hands placed on the hips. Lift your knees upward (towards chest) and return to the former position. Repeat with both legs 20 times.

Split Stance hip flexor stretch: This is yet another proven stretch to reduce back in flight. Take a split stance and place your hands on the hips. Make sure your back leg is straight. Now bend the front knee forward until you feel a pressure on your back leg (on the front side) and hold for around 20 seconds.

So, the next time you get worried about lower back pain after a long flight to India or any other country, try out these quick stretches before and during your flight. So, the next time you travel from USA to India, you will land without any such issues. These are simple tricks to have a comfortable long-haul flight.

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