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If you want to take your experience one more step ahead about using smileys & emojis on your Android, or if you want to have more fun with our friends & families, I got something for you. It’s one of the coolest smileys & emojis app that you can download try right now for free! With a bucket full of amazing features it’ll let you express your expressions more clearly in funny ways that you’ll love for sure!

So, let’s have a look at it and its’ features before downloading it …

Talking Smileys and Animated Funny Emojis

The Emoji Talking Smiley is a fantastic entertaining app to send & share funny talking smileys, animated emojis, and emoticons, available for both Android and IOS. It’ll give you access to tons of different animated emojis, talking stickers, and emoticons in various categories with sound and voice. You can either listen to the funny talking animated smileys yourself or share them on the social media and social messaging networks including Instagram, messenger, Facebook, Viber, what’s up, Hike, Hangout, Skype, Gmail, Line, Wechat, Twitter, and email.

With a neat & clean design and user-friendly interface, you’ll get the whole idea after opening the app for the very first time. And, you’ll definitely feel the difference if you’ve ever used other emoji apps before. Once you open this free emojis app, you’ll see the list of categories with the option to search through available funny emoticons. You’ll get it as so cool! Depending on your current feeling or mood, you’ll always find some fresh and funny smileys for using.

The Features of Emoji Talking Smileys that you’ll love

  • So light-weight, neat & clean, easy to use, and doesn’t require any unnecessary permissions
  • Super high-quality emojis, smileys, and emoticons:-)
  • Easy to use talking animated emojis with voices
  • Different categories including Love, Anger, Holiday, LOL, Animals, Sport, Girls, Kids, and Funny
  • Option to share your favorite emoticons to different social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Hike, Hangout, Skype, Gmail, Email, Line, Wechat, and Twitter
  • Quick search option to easily find the perfect emoji or emoticons depending on your mood
  • Large database of funny talking emojis that constantly updated to make sure there is always fresh content for any mood or situations
  • And, fun for all of the ages

While there are so many other emoji & smiley app available to get entertained with family and friends, why this one? The answer is not mandatory I think, and it’s better to try first before thinking about the why! Just download and install free emoji app on your Android and keep using when it comes to sending funny smileys to family and friends.

So, enjoy using different funny talking smileys and cool emoticons, and let us know which emoji app you love most through the comment box, also anything if you’ve in mind as well.

Download Emoji Talking Smileys for Android

Download Emoji Talking Smileys for IOS

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