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It would certainly be apt to say that blemish free skin is the only other thing a woman yearns for after gold and glitters. But seldom do we get what we want. The perfect problem free skin is out of reach for most of us, except those blessed naturally.

Most of us go by ourselves following the TV commercials and trusting advice gathered from here and there. However, the care needs of each and every individual’s skin vary based on their problem areas and skin texture. So, after having tried your fair share of cosmetics, if you are still unsatisfied with the results, then perhaps it’s time to approach a pro with a certification from a beauty academy. Employed at most professional salons known to be industry mavens, these experts can give a clear direction to your haphazard spending on cosmetics. With a defined approach to a due course, you can improve your natural skin.

However, besides the treatment suggested by them, you can use some general care tips and precaution by makeup course experts to speed it up.

  • First, be careful of your choice of soap. A face wash with high soap content is undesirable even for oily skin. It robs the skin off the essential oils. While normal and dry skin becomes irritated, oil glands tend to produce even more sebum as a result of excessive dryness for oily skin. If you have the latter skin type, then a gel based facial foam with salicylic acid should be used. Moisturizing cream based facial washes are apt for others.
  • Avoid oily and spicy food.
  • Toner is your skin’s best friend. An exception to this is dry skin and cleansing milk should be used as an alternative. People with oily skin should use it as often as required, while normal skin bearers should clean up after coming back from pollution, gym and sports.
  • Chose a good facemask suitable to your skin type. According to the recommendation of most beauty academy experts Tea tree, cinnamon, fuller’s earth, can be the preferred ingredients for oily and combination skin. Sandal, Papaya, Mint etc. are apt for normal skin, while Shea butter, jojoba, cocoa butter, yoghurt etc. would do good for dry skin.
  • Rose water is also suitable for all sin types. Some cotton dabbed in it can be used to cool and clean the skin anytime.
  • Don’t touch your face excessively as the germs on your hand promote acnes
  • In case of a break out, wear your hair pulled back and don’t pop it. Keep cleaning the affected area with toner as soon as you feel oily or after exposure to dust and pollution.

So, visit a specialist and follow your prescribed regimen carefully besides these tips.


This article describe about some tips of clearer skin. You can take care of you diet plan, join Dietician course and course in nutrition. Diploma in health also provides lot of tips for beauty.

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