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The relationship problem is the worst health issues in man’s life. It will totally collapse all happiness between a man and women. Several couples are broken their relationship life due to this health issue. Erectile dysfunction means a normal man could not able to achieve the erection.  Men feel very hard to make erection during physical intercourse with their partner. This health issue is not allowing the men to maintain the erection for many hours. It will break all the relationship happiness and pleasures between the couples. Several men are getting more stress and they cannot share their feelings with others. Some men are getting a lack of interest in relationship intercourse.

Medicinal Remedy for Men health issue ED problem:

All the health issues had a solution to getting cured. This relationship health issue also had lots of solution available in this world. Men can eliminate this problem by following medical treatment.

In the medicinal treatment, many of the men are using online generic Viagra pills. This pill is the most effective and powerful medicine for Ed problem. The main action of this pill in the men body is, encouraging the blood circulation. It also helps to provide more amount of blood into a man’s reproductive organ (Penis). It totally restricts the production of PDE5 enzyme and increasing the production of sexual hormones. It is also triggering the man mood into a very high peak level and makes the man-body into more comfortable without any tiredness. This Ed remedy pill is starting its activities in a man body within 30minutes and its effects last to stands for 5 to 6 hours.

How to take this medicine?

Each and every medicine had some procedure to intake; the same way this medicine also has some procedure. Before intake, these medicine men must follow some of the procedure for performing well in the bed with their partner.

  1. Men in the age of 60 and above must avoid in taking this pill
  2. If a man suffering from any one of these diseases like heart problem, stroke problem, diabetes problem, they must stay away from this medicine.
  3. Men must consult with a doctor before intake this medicine.
  4. Consuming the huge amounts of pills will make some side effects like headache, stomach pain, vomiting, chest pain and etc…
  5. When a man’s stomach loaded with heavy amount of foods, don’t take this pill.
  6. Before and after taking this medicine, don’t smoke cigarettes and drinking alcohol.


Generic Viagra pill is a good choice for treating the Ed problem. The main element present in the generic Viagra pill is Sildenafil citrate. This pill helps to overcome ED problem, and another health issue is premature ejaculation. This PE problem is easily overcome by using the super p force medicine. Men must follow the guidelines before taking these medicines. These medicines are available in all pharmacy store and available low cost of the price at an online pharmacy store. Before purchasing these medicines, men must check that store, whether they are supplying FDA approved medicine or not.

Reasons for Erectile dysfunction problem?

Each and every health issue had a reason; erectile dysfunction arises in men life, and also has some reasons. They are

  1. Poor blood circulation.
  2. Heritage health issue problem.
  3. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol habits.
  4. Poor secretion of sexual hormones.
  5. Suffering from other health issues like diabetes, heart problem, stroke problem and etc…
  6. Unhealthy Food diets like consuming junk foods, processed foods, and high oil foods.


If a man knows the reason for the erectile dysfunction, he can protect his body from this health issue. Another thing, men easily skip this health issue from their life by following the natural and medical remedies.

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