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Today we are going to talk about a topic that generates a lot of controversy, SEO positioning for hotels. First, let’s make a concept clear, the website of a hotel without an SEO positioning plan, is like having a new car but no gas. We may be able to keep moving through pure inertia, but there will come a time when “it will leave us lying.” There are more than 200 factors that influence SEO, we will try to outline a small SEO guide for hotels and hoteliers that are not yet clear.

SEO for hotels, where to start?

The first and most fundamental of all the steps to follow is the hotel’s website. At this point, we will find the classic response of: “We already made a website in 2000”, error!! We cannot forget that the website of a business, is the extension of its physical image to the world of Internet, therefore we must take care of it. We could say that the effect is similar to entering a hotel room and finding an unmade bed. In a sector as competitive as the hotel and where users want to see photos of rooms and facilities, we need a website with a careful image and according to what users will find when they arrive at our establishment.

Does your website help or penalize you?

We can summarize that a web page that helps us with positioning should meet the following characteristics:

Adapted to mobile devices: This is essential in the tourism sector, users are mobile, and local SEO and immediate searches are increasingly a larger portion of the cake. Do not let the user think about it when you get home, we will facilitate the process. A booking engine adapted to mobile navigation standards will be your biggest ally when converting those visits into reservations.

Content optimization:  Generate new content optimized for different keywords, each new “microsite” or blog article, will help you enhance different content, take advantage of this and you’re positioning and traffic will progressively rise.

Friendly domain: Try to find that domain or url that contains as many target words as possible for customer searches. The word hotel and the name of the city should be present at your new web address.

Generation of new content through the blog: The blog of a hotel must be based on the defense of destiny. The objective of the blog will be to generate articles of interest to users, so that they spend time on our website.

Boost your profiles on social networks:  Highlight each and every one of the profiles on social networks, put specialized Widgets and invite your web browsers to follow you. You can build loyalty and increase traffic to the web.

Newsletter Subscription:  Another way of loyalty to users and browsers of your website, do not forget that Email Marketing, still working!

Is your strategy adequate?

Now we are going to give you some small guidelines that will help you when planning your SEO strategy for hotels:

Work a niche strategy: Competition in certain destinations is very large, look for a niche or market segment and try to position yourself as one of the leaders of that segment. Look for that neighborhood, that beach or that point of interest that identifies with your hotel and work it constantly. Hotel with SPA, accessible hotel, hotel that accepts pets, can be some terms that can help you achieve an effective niche strategy. In SEO for hotels, it is essential to try to position yourself for many different keywords.

 Use a “long tail keywords” strategy: This is completely linked to the previous point. But still, this is one of the most complicated parts, we have to find different keywords that identify with the searches with which we want our potential customers to find us. For words like “hotel in Delhi”, it is very difficult to position yourself naturally, why we don’t try to use longer keywords, such as: “hotel near Connaught Place “, and so on. We will look for those segments in which we can position ourselves on the first page of Google and we will work on these keywords constantly.

Sell ​​destinations, not your hotel: If you want more traffic on your website, try writing a fun blog, with a diversity of content that adds value to potential hotel customers. Make people get hooked on your content and spend time reading your articles, this will help you increase the authority of your domain.

Do not stop generating new content!! Do not lose discipline, set a calendar and try to comply.

Patience is the mother of science!! Your strategy and results will be conditioned by many factors, such as competition, SEM campaigns. The results will begin to appear at 6-8 months, be patient and test, there are more than 200 factors that affect SEO and nobody knows How they pondered. If there was a certain science, you would know the famous Google algorithm, be it Fred, Hummingbird, Panda or any other animal. For now, we can only encourage you to continue publishing and measuring the results, and if something works, don’t change it!!

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