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Trips to salons, lots of shopping, self-grooming, apprehensions, excitement, and a little more of all this- when combined chime the beginning of wedding season. And who else can be more excited about this than the bride-to-be. Sketching out the most charming look for the big day is all that she can think of while in sleep or wide awake. She tirelessly manages the entire charade just to live up to the bride of their imagination.

When mothers are busy hoarding cloths and jewelleries, she is planning out the finer details like booking a stylist for all the occasions, matching cloths with the groom, selecting her bridal outfit and so on. She would even go to the extent of enrolling herself in a personal care makeup course only to learn the nuances, so that she can master any look herself. She understands that make-up is the big thing to make or mar her appearance. This is why she is most particular about hiring an expert. The look just like her outfit is designed exclusively.

However, in order to look stunning in that dress, make-up alone won’t do. A chiselled body can add wonders. This is something most girls overlook. Those who are of an average or slim build, consider dieting and gyming apt only for the obese. Well, girls this is where you are wrong. Having a fit body without any effort is great but adding on some toned muscles to it can be fabulous. Hence, even you should consider going to a specialist in nutrition course.

Moreover, the wedding period is filled with stress and fatigue. You have a lot to look forward to, and stress boosts up our craving for sin food. And with guests pouring in, you will have ample temptations to give way to. Even otherwise, stress has a lot of negative effects on your health, plus marriage would be a big change in your routine and body. So you need to take care of your nutritional needs.

So, don’t ignore your need for a well sculpted body and a diet plan accordingly. Visit a dietician with a certified nutrition course and get your BMI and medical condition analysed. Each and every aspect is considered before a diet is designed for you.

And finally when everything is in order, take a deep breath, feel confident and don’t forget to relish each and every moment of it as it is once in a lifetime kind of an opportunity.

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