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Taking good care of physical and mental health is necessary. But, people often overlook their mental health. As a result, they have to pay for it. Our mind is very much connected to our body. If you start ignoring your emotional health; you are likely to have some physical health issues, like, headache, poor immune systems and more.

As per studies, certain emotional health issues are mainly caused by the combination of psychological, biological and environmental factors.

Biological Factors Causing Mental Illness

According to experienced psychologists, some mental illness is linked to the abnormal functioning of certain nerve cell circuits which can connect your brain regions. Psychotherapy and other procedures can help your brain circuits function more effectively. Injury or defect to specific areas of your brain may cause certain mental disorders.  If you have any symptoms of emotional health issues, you should opt for counselling, Shoreditch or anywhere else.

Other Biological Factors Involving In Developing Mental Illness

Here are the biological factors, which contribute greatly to developing mental illness.

  • Genetics
  • Brain defects or injury
  • Infections
  • Substance abuse
  • Prenatal damage and other factors

Psychological Factors Contributing To Mental Illness

Here are some psychological factors which affect greatly to your mental health.

  1. A great loss, like, the loss of parents
  2. Neglect
  3. Psychological trauma, such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  4. Inability to relate to other people

Environmental Factors Causing Emotional Health Issues

You may have the symptoms of depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem, because of the following reasons,

  • Divorce or death
  • The dysfunctional family life
  • Changing schools or jobs
  • Social expectations and more

So, these are the major factors which can cause mental health issues. In case you come across these problems, you should contact experienced counsellor.

Effective Treatment

There are several treatment options; you can choose.  Please, have a close look at the below section.

  1. Walking Therapy: This is a unique approach. Walking therapy is a combination of counselling with walking. During the therapeutic session, you will get a wide scope to talk to your therapist, open-mindedly, when walking outside. Researches reveal the fact that this therapy involves some mental and physical benefits. Walking therapy reduces the symptoms, including, anxiety, stress, anger, depression and more. Moreover, this therapy can control your blood pressure and keep you healthy and fit.
  2. Medications: Doctors often prescribe certain medications in order to eliminate or reduce the symptoms emotional health issues. They have years of experience in treating patients with different issues.

Have you read the above section? If yes, then you might have found all the given information useful. If you have further queries about Liverpool Street counselling; you can consult a professional counsellor who has extensive knowledge and wide experience.

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