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Philippines was never so popular in the way it has turned out to be in the last couple of decades. No, this is not to say earlier it wasn’t a sought after travel destination. It’s just that the popularity of the island country have got highlighted more now through social media and not to forget, the introduction of easier and cheaper ways to get abroad by reputed travel agencies.

So, whether you want to explore the many beautiful beaches in Palawan or witness the majestic mountain of Northern Luzon or shopping in Manila will excite you the most, Philippines is a must-visit for you! We have got you all the information related to the best time to visit Philippines for you. Stay glued!

What is the Best Time to Visit Philippines?

There is nothing like the perfect time to visit Philippines. You can visit the country anytime of the year but there are a few factors that will help you pick up a suitable time for the foreign trip, like:

  • The weather in Philippines
  • The best travel destinations in Philippines
  • Flight trends in Philippines (see the past records)
  • Latest flight deals to travel to Philippines

We have tried elaborating each of these factors for you below. Keep reading.

What is the right time to visit Philippines based on the weather?

Based on the weather conditions of the archipelago, the most suitable time to fly to Philippines is during the dry season, which is between the month of October and April. However, there are again certain things to keep in mind while planning a trip during dry season. Firstly, Philippines is a Catholic dominant country and so, vacation during Christmas holidays can be a little hassle. But, undoubtedly it will be a good experience.

If you are going to plan a trip to Philippines on the edge months of the dry season, it comes with some pros and cons as well. The months of October and April can be too hot and humid. The con been said, the pro is covered by the cheap flight deals to Philippines offered during this time.

What is an ideal time to visit the top travel destinations in Philippines?

There are many amazing destinations to explore for the foreign travelers visiting Philippines. We have picked the best places to visit in Philippinesfor you:

Manila:Manila is the capital city of Philippines and can be best visited during the dry season (October to April). Do not miss out the shopping streets and malls in the city.

Boracay:Boracay is known as the paradise island of Philippines and is a popular Christmas travel destination for both Filipinos and foreigners. Considering the weather conditions and crowd, the best time to visit Boracay is in months of September and May.

Cebu and Bohol: There are the regions that experience most of the rainfall in the Philippines as they experience two different monsoons. So, if you can are okay with the heat, choose one month from May or June to climb the Chocolate Hills in Bohol and explore the Spanish colonial architecture of Cebu City.

Northern Luzon:The theory of visiting Philippines in dry season doesn’t go well for the mountainous province of Ifugao and foothill of Mount Pinatubo. These areas are quite chilly during this season and as such we would suggest you to visit North Luzon in March or November when the weather is mild and dry.

Palawan: Palawan is known for its beaches in the North and waterfalls in the South. The best time to explore the scenic marvel is in from June to August as it doesn’t experience longer rain showers. These months are relatively sunny and you will find the beaches peaceful with fewer crowds.

When is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines?

According to records of past booking data, the best time to fly to Philippines is in September as your chances of getting the cheapest flight deals are high. During this time of the year, you can get cheap air fare deals as compared to the average annual fares to Philippines. If September doesn’t suit you, October is the next best time to travel to the archipelago.

What is the best to book cheap flights to Philippines?

As per the research conducted by iEagle, a reputed travel agency, it was found that the best months to book cheap flights to Philippines are January,February, August and September.

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