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The renting of the e-scooter has become so popular in India since the induction of the Scooter Sharing App. The popularity is due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the services the e scooter provides.


Is renting the e-scooter safe? A common question frequently asked by many Indians. The answer heavily relies on the rider’s safety precautions taken during the ride. In this article, we’re going to talk about the safety precautions that we consider while renting and riding the e scooter. 


·       Use lights during low visibility

Always remember to switch on your lights whenever you’re riding on the road and also wear additional reflective attire like a reflective stripe, vest, or reflector to enhance visibility. Additionally, you can also install a helmet light to make yourself even more visible.


·       Ride cautiously at minimum speed

The other critical point you need to consider to maintain e scooter safety is riding at a reasonable pace to avoid incoming danger. In a crowded area around pedestrians, try keeping a 20km per hour speed.

Also, remember to your bike handles tight when accelerating to avoid slipping away and falling over. Increase the speed only if there are no obstacles too nearer.


·       Take turns at a slow speed

While riding on an e scooter, maintain a minimum speed around corners or sharp turns. Taking sharp corners at high speeds can easily cause you to lose balance and fall off. Always remember to apply breaks ahead of a turn and resume accelerating once in a straight line.


·       Wear protective gear while riding

Always make sure you have protective equipment such as a helmet at all times. Not only is the helmet useful for preventing casualties during accidents but also helps us from sun rays and also keeps your head warm and protected during cold or rainy seasons.



·       Use the e scooter horn effectively

A rider must at all times be highly alert by making sure they bonk the horn in time whenever they sense the slightest of casualties or impact is about to unfold ahead. Always make sure you place your finger next to the horn button at all times.


·       Avoid busy roads if possible

The less the road is busy, the less exposed you are. If you’re in a position to avoid busy streets, do and also always ride on the appropriate lane of the road at the same time adhering to the traffic rules.


·       Maintain a correct position while riding and use side mirrors

Always maintain a well-positioned posture by sitting upright and straight. Also, always keep all your two hands in the handlebar and still maintain focus at all costs. Lastly, always use your side mirror for viewing back objects and also when turning to minimize casualties. 


·       Defensive riding

As a rider, you always need to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving entails paying more attention to traffic while at the same time considering pedestrians, other motorists, and also drivers. Defensive driving is highly encouraged, considering the riders usually expose most of their body while on a ride, which can be fatal during impact.


·       Avoid bad weather

It usually is risky to rent an e scooter and ride it on a rainy day, especially if it’s a light storm. The electric bike can quickly get into an accident under extreme weather if precaution lacks. In case you have to use the e scooter during bad weather, always maintain low speeds and slow turns at all times as the road tends to be slippery. 



With the Bike Rental App and the Scooter Sharing App , specifically, the Zypp E Scooter is on the rise and at the disposal of most Indian Electric Scooter riders, the above safety measures and precautions. We must fully implement the safety measures to lessen any casualties that may occur. I hope this article has enlightened you on the safety measure you need to take while renting an e scooter. 


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