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In this article we will share the some significant of living in the house and some other things too.  


What is a guest house?

The guest houses are establishments where you will enjoy the privacy of a room in the homes of local people . In general, spaces such as kitchen, living room, TV room and laundry areas are shared, among others. If in your holidays you would like to get involved in the culture of the place you travel to, save money and be treated with exceptional warmth and different from the service offered by the hotels, the guest houses are a very good option for you. In other words, you will be the guest!


Why stay in a  Sankofa guest house?

Sankofa guest house is a cheaper and conventional guest house. It guest houses allow you to save and make the most of your travel budget. In addition, as they are usually attended by families or people with the attitude of hosts and great roots in their city, rest assured that you will be in good hands and that you will receive the best recommendations of places to visit, eat or have a drink.


Where are the guest houses?

The guest houses have their origin in France, Spain and Italy, although nowadays they are located in different parts of the world. Cuba, one of the fashionable tourist destinations, is a country where this type of lodging is increasingly common. Booking a guest house in Havana is a good option to save money; However, the reasons for doing so go beyond the economic issue, because they allow you to get deeply involved with local traditions and customs.


How much does it cost to stay in a guest house?

Guest houses are usually a cheaper option than traditional hotels. The price range varies greatly depending on the destination you choose, the area you are in and the amenities. Some guest houses offer basic services without sacrificing your comfort, while others also have a pool, rooftop terrace and parking.


How do I book my stay in a guest house?

On Expedia it is very easy to find the ideal guest house for you. Just select your destination, indicate the dates you want to travel and filter your results by type of establishment. You can also sort by price, evaluation of the guests, area and even some specific service, such as wifi or free breakfast. We recommend you book your stay with your flights, as this will help you save even more money.


What services does a guest house have?

The guest houses offer you a private room in a private home, which means that you will share spaces such as kitchen, living room and laundry area. In general, they have basic services that allow you to enjoy a comfortable stay without compromising your economy, such as Wi-Fi. Some guest houses allow you breakfast every morning and others have a terrace and pool, among other amenities.


Guest House or bed and breakfast: which is better?

It is common to confuse a guest house with a bed and breakfast because both are small establishments where you will be treated with great warmth by the local people. However, the guest house usually has shared spaces so you can spend time outside your room, like a living room and even a terrace. On the other hand, bed and breakfasts always offer breakfast, while this service is optional in the guest house, that is, some have it and others do not.


Guest houses near me

On Expedia, you can search for guest houses near you or in some other destination you want to visit. We suggest you use the map to show all the establishments available in the area that is of interest to you. Whether it’s a quick trip or an extended stay, our website offers you the accommodation that best suits your needs.

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