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According to the report released by Department Of Energy, most of our utility expenses are due to the air-conditioning our indoors. As the weather is going warmer day by day, therefore, we have collected some tricks for you that will definitely help in improving the efficiency of your air-conditioning system. These tips will not only increase the efficiency of your cooling device but also reduce your electric bills.

In the following tips, you will find great ideas for increasing the efficiency of your air-conditioning system and also maintain a healthy temperature.

1- Remove dust and debris from the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of AC system comprised of Condenser and compressor. Fins integrated with the condenser system will let the heat dissipate. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the outdoor unit regularly. Make sure that your condenser is free from dust and debris. Check your outdoor unit regularly and clean the accumulated debris over it.

2 – Never Let Your Vent Blocked

Indoor supply vents should be vacuumed and clear in order to ensure the continuous airflow inside your air-conditioning system. Experts advise using a vacuum cleaner to unplug your vent. Keep a regular check on it to sustain the temperature maintenance efficiency of the air conditioning Sydney. Try to keep toys, small decorative items away from the vent as it may accidentally block your vents. Also, keep items like blinds, furniture, and toys away from blocking the vents.

3- Set the Temperature as per Requirement

Increasing the temperature when your room is appropriately maintained as per your requirement will not only save your money but retain the efficiency of your cooling unit.  A programmable thermostat can help you in adjusting the temperature as per need. It automatically varies the temperature many times in a day.

4- Keep heat-producing elements away from the thermostat

Make sure that no lamp or other heat generating device is not around the thermostat of the air conditioning system.  If any heating gadget surrounds your thermostat when it senses the heat and automatically decrease the temperature and which is not actually required. Consequently, the air-conditioning system will work harder and longer when it not required and its efficiency will reduce significantly.

5- Close the curtain along with door & Window

All of us aware of the fact that we should keep all the doors and windows closed while running an air-conditioning system so that chilled air does not escape out. But, few of us know that it is equally important to keep our curtain closed too. Air Conditioning Sydney can maintain the ideal temperature inside your house but you must restrict the entry of sun rays. Direct sun rays will enter through window glass and heat up your room.

6- Check The Drain Pipe

There is one drain pipe connected with the indoor cooling unit and usually mounted over the furnace. Make sure it is not blocked and allow the obstacle-free movement of water. The plugged drain may also result in throwing out of the water over the floor. If there is any need to clean this drain line then use chlorine bleach at the end of air conditioning drain and clean it with water. Throughout a year never let this drain plugged by moss and algae.

7- Minimize the use Of Dryer and Oven

Often the use of dryers and oven will increase the level of temperature inside your house, results in more load on the air-conditioning system. It is advised by experts that reduce the use of gadgets that blow warm air.

8- Check the seal Of Duct

Check your whole duct properly and make sure that there is no leakage point so that chilled air inside the house may not escape through a hole in the duct. In case you find any leakage then use duct-sealing tape (UL 181-rated) and seal that leakage. Make sure that next time you call the air-conditioning professionals then asks them to properly fix the issues in the duct. Many experts also recommend insulating the duct line with thick material and ensuring the proper efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

To make your air-conditioning system highly efficient it is really important to understand how this HVAC system works. Use above mentioned tips and do regular maintenance to avoid any issues in your air-conditioning system and keep it working as long as possible. These tips will also help you in reducing your utility charges.

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