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Are you looking for a way to free in-app purchases on Android? Or maybe you may be interested in buying premium gems and coins for free by hacking in-app purchases? Here you will learn how to free in-app purchases on Android games along with apps.

We all know that Android mobile OS is open source, super easy to modify, and also most commonly known for customizability. This operating system allows anyone to download and then install paid apps for free. And similarly, you are able to free the in-app purchases to buy premium items without spending a penny. Everything you really need is just a frozen Android device and also a hacking app.

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There are numerous apps designed for Android developed with an aim that will help you receive in-game purchases to get free so you should buy coins, gems, special items, power-ups, along with additional premium items to get absolutely free. Which is awesome.

Therefore, here in this article, I am going to show you how you can hack in-app purchases and which would be one of the most reliable apps which you may use to free in-app purchases onto your favourite games along with any different Android apps to buy paid items for free.

However, before we dig further into the tutorial would like to now give you a basic idea about which type of games and apps you should expect the provided hacking tools that will support you in making free in-app purchases.

There are two main kinds of games/apps for Android:

  • Online, which simply do not work without the Internet and your data are stored on the developer’s game server (like Clash of Clans).
  • Offline, which do not require Internet connectivity and your data is stored on your own device (like Temple Run).

As you may have guessed already, you will only be able to hack in-app purchases of these apps and games which work offline because most of the data is stored locally in your device, which makes it easy to hack and then manipulate the in-app purchases.

Now, since you have understood that the working, we could now move on the hacking apps that allow you to hack the in-app purchases and buy in-game items and gems for free.

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Apps You Can Use To Free In-App Purchases on Android

There are always a number of working hacking apps you need to use on Android which allows you to hack on and make free in-app purchases in the majority of the compatible apps and games. The one’s in-app purchases hacking apps are all:

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Detailed detail by detail tutorial regarding how you need to use each one of the above-mentioned apps for free in-app purchases on Android is available below.

Please remember there are cases when a particular app or game is unable to be patched by the Lucky Patcher app. This is the moment I will recommend you to try out hacking the exact same game using the Freedom app because maybe that game is compatible with the Freedom.


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Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and use Lucky Patcher to free in-app purchases on Android:

NOTE: To make this tutorial easy to comprehend, I have divided this Lucky Patcher guide into 3 phases i.e. installation, patching, and usage.

Phase 1 — Installation Of Lucky Patcher

This phase will teach you how to install Lucky Patcher in your Android phone/tablet device:

Step 1 — Download Lucky Patcher from here directly on your Android device, because it is just not available on the Play Store.

Step 2 — Once downloadedtap the Lucky Patcher APK file to start the installation process.

Tap on the “Install” button.

Step 3 — You will find an”Install blocked” warning message which says,”For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”

This happens whenever you install any app which is downloaded from third-party sources. In order to be able to install the app, you need to tap the”Settings” button again.

Step 4 — Nowa”Security” section will soon be opened automatically. In the list, find the option”Unknown sources” and tap it to temporarily enable the installation.

Step 5 — The moment you tap the Unknown sources, a popup window will appear with a message which says, “Installing from unknown sources may be harmful to your device and personal data. By tapping OK, you agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your device or loss of data that may result from using these applications.”

Since you already know very well what exactly are you installing is safe, first, make certain your”Allow this installation only” option is enabled, then tap the okay button.

Step 6 — Lucky Patcher will now show you a list of permissions it needs access to. Simply tap on the “Install” button.

Step 7 — It will begin installing the app on your device.

Step 8 — Once installed, you will see a message that says, “App installed.” Tap on the “Done” button.

Phase 2 — Patching Apps/Games For Free In-App Purchases With Lucky Patcher

In this phase you will learn how to patch apps and games and receive free in-app purchases on Android using Lucky Patcher:

Step 9 — Launch Lucky Patcher app and within a few moments, it will ask you to grant Superuser request. Tap on the “Grant” button.

Step 10 — Wait for a while until Lucky Patcher finishes the loading process of these apps installed onto your Android device.

Step 11 — Once the scanning and loading process was completed, Lucky Patcher will show you a list of each of the apps which can be installed onto your phone.

Step 12 — Now, scroll the list until you find the app/game you want to free in-app purchases and then tap the app name to open the menu. To show you how it actually works, here I will be hacking Collage+ app.

From the list of options, tap on the “Open Menu of Patches” button.

Step 13 — A new popup window will open.

Tap on the “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation”.

Step 14 — Now, a second window will open with several checkboxes. By default, two boxes should be already marked. If not, then please make Sure these two options are marked:

  1. Support patch for LVL emulation.
  2. Support patch for InApp emulation.
  3. Then tap on the “Apply” button.

Step 15 — Lucky Patcher will now begin the patching process:

…then it will analyze the patching results:

And…finally, the patch results along with the success percentage will be shown:

Don’t stress about the percentage shown in the results because the app I am trying to patch here is successfully patched and I managed to free in-app purchases.

Check the next phase where I show you how I get paid in-app purchases for free.

Phase 3 — Free In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher?

In this third and also the final phase, you will see how I receive free in-app purchases of this app I patched in the previous phase using Lucky Patcher:

Step 16 — As you can see in the screenshot below, among those picture collages for Thanksgiving Day is now locked. I am able to install it but can’t use it unless I cover it via in-app purchases. Since I have patched this version of the app, I must be able to get that collage for free without paying anything. Therefore, I tapped on the menu button to find an option to purchase it.

Step 17 — Then I tap on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 18 — Since this frame is secured and there are several different frames and pixel in this category, or so the app offered me a bundle option too. But here, for the sake of this tutorial am trying to get only one frame so I will tap on the”Buy Now” button.

Step 19 — This is exactly the point where Lucky Patcher will intervene the purchase process and let you obtain this in-app purchases item for free.

There are several options but don’t select anything on the popup window and simply tap on the “Yes” option.

Step 20 — Now, wait for the Lucky Patcher to perform its magic and make you lucky. After having a moment… This is what I see:

Voila! I acquired that collage frame without paying a single cent.

See the above screenshot. Did you notice how a”lock” icon is now gone? NowI can use that collage frame for my pictures.


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This guide is for Freedom app. Here you will learn about how to download, install, and use Freedom app to hack in-app purchases and also receive in-game premium items for free on almost any Android device:

NOTE: When compared with this Lucky Patcher app mentioned above, you will find that the usage of Freedom app is much simpler and easier.

Step 1 — Download Freedom app from here for your Android device. Because of the nature with this app, it is just not available on the Play Store and that means you need to rely upon third-party sources.

Step 2 — Install the app on your Android device.

The app installation process is similar for the one I mentioned Lucky Patcher above, therefore I don’t think it is necessary to rewrite the whole process here. Even though the installation procedure is simple, in case you don’t know how to install, simply scroll up and follow the “Phase 1 of Lucky Patcher”. I will be waiting…


Okay, let’s move onto the next step.

Step 3 — Launch Freedom app and it will ask you to grant Superuser access. Tap on the “Grant” button to allow access.

Step 4 — You will now see a “Please wait…” message. Thus, you need to wait for a while until Freedom scans your phone/tablet and generates a list of apps that could be hacked for free in-app purchases.

Step 5 — Once the list was generated. Scroll in order to find the app you want to hack on the in-app purchases of and then tap it.

Step 6 — In this tutorial I’m going to use the Freedom app to hack on the in-app purchases of this popular game Temple Run. Therefore, once you tap the app name, Freedom will then start the patching process and will ask you to wait for.

Step 7 — As soon as the game/app is patched, Freedom will automatically launch it so that you can do the purchases.

Step 8 — You may then navigate straight to the in-game store to purchase special items, coins, or gems.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I already have 2,737 coins in my account. Now, I will buy 200,000 coins.

Step 9 — Tapping the buy now button opens into the Google Play popup window where you can see that a FreeCard credit card is already added, which is how a patch by the Freedom app works. Plus it is important to see here that I don’t have any payment method connected to my Play Store account.

As you can see, the purchase of 200,000 coins for Temple Run is going to cost the US $19.99. However, I will be able to buy it for free. To go with this purchase, I tap on the”BUY” button.

Step 10 — The Google Play In-App purchases window showed a”Payment powerful” message.

Step 11 — Within several seconds, I saw a toast message that says,”Added 200000 coins!” And also my Temple Run account immediately received all those coins.

Did you see how it works without a flaw? That is how easy it actually is to hack in-app purchases on Android with Freedom.

Hope you get some Free Rewards

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I hope you have now learned about how simple it really is to free the in-app purchases on your favourite games and apps. Bear in mind, because these in-app purchases hacking apps are advanced, they require you to have a rooted Android phone/tablet device to help you free in-app purchases.

Did you manage to hack the in-app purchases of your favourite game? Which of this app helped you the most in making the free in-app purchases? Have you tried every other in-app hacking app?

Share your experiences with me in the comments section below.

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