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Sandy beaches, wild nature, historic attractions, and enchanting waters are some of the prerequisites of the perfect holiday in the books of most people and an authentic native massage serves as the icing on the cake. For those mostly interested in the latter, this post is for you as we’ll be unraveling the best and healthiest massages that this world has to offer.

1) Swedish massage
When most people think about the best or most popular massage, Swedish therapy is often what comes to mind as it is arguably the most known present age bodywork. It is highly sought after for its extremely relaxing effect that takes care of the body in its entirety alleviating pent up pressure points from head to toe. This is achieved with gliding strokes along blood vessels so as to ease circulation, in particular aiding blood flow into the heart. Aside from relaxation, the benefits of a Swedish massage also include tension relief, improved flexibility, and reduction of muscle toxins.

2) Shiatsu (Japan)
Derived from Japanese heritage, Shiatsu is thought to be akin to acupuncture but instead of needles piercing into pressure points, palms, fingers, and thumbs are used to apply pressure across strategic points on the surface of the body. Like the aforementioned practice, Shiatsu is said to not only correct imbalances or disharmonies but also better energy flow within the patient’s body. It is a deeply relaxing technique that alleviates stress and stimulates hormonal, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

3) Lomilomi (Hawaii)
The lomilomi is derived from the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna which hinges on attaining peace with the spirit, mind, and body. Consequently, the typical therapy starts out with a focused breathing exercise, meditation, and prayer with the main process itself incorporating gentle feather-like rhythmic strokes aimed at alleviating energy blockages within the body. Therapists normally use their forearms to effect a routine comprised of fingertip tapping, percussive cupping, and gentle pounding.

4) Hong Kong massage (China)
The Hong Kong massage, also known as Tui Na, is among the oldest tracing its roots to 2700 BC alongside other traditional medicines and techniques including acupressure and acupuncture. Like fine wine, the therapy has aged gracefully with centuries of well-preserved strategies and evolving technology realizing a relaxing and restorative experience that is quite unrivaled. Tui Na is generally divided into three components the first of which is the amno that involves rubs and gentle presses. Tuina is the second aspect which includes grasping and pushing meant to treat joint problems or injuries with the last part- known as Dian Xue- incorporating targeted pressure relief across hotspots.

5) Hot stone massage (USA)
Often wrongly perceived as somewhat of a fad, the hot stone massage is actually one that is scientifically substantiated and extremely effective. Hot stones are lined along the spinal cord from the back of the neck to the top of the abdomen and the warmth emitted seeps into tight muscles thereby unwinding them. The subtle heat plus the stone pushing down on the surface work hand in hand to realize better circulation of blood and trigger the loosening of tense muscles and nerves.

While massages are generally executed in more or less the same fashion, the aforementioned varieties have been spruced up by years of practice infused with skilled traditional hands and priceless ancient techniques that are only the preserve of a few. If the best is what you’re looking for, you’ll hardly find a better massage outside this compilation.

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