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Most metropolitan cities in India have started looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland thanks to all the smoke that looms large over them, literally and metaphorically. But there’s little that can be done because people need to reach places on time and public transport isn’t the most helpful.

So, the number of bikes and cars has kept increasing over the years adding to the vicious loop of air pollution. But now there’s a e bike renting app on your phone called Zypp that is promising to make our cities look greener than ever.

Stay Green Ride Green;

This revolutionary ride-sharing app allows people in busy cities to easily rent a e bike as their form of commute. Their inexpensive rates are encouraging people to hit the road with e bikes effectively cutting down the insane amount of air pollution that has plagued the city’s air for years.

The GPS lock equipped bikes are state of the art and comfortable and more importantly can be quickly booked through the simple and smooth app. You just need to find a nearby e bike and after a few breezy steps, you can start riding on this wonderful sustainable transport solution. This cycle rental service also makes the process of returning the e bike super easy by letting you park the bike at any public place.

Helping the Environment is Now Stunningly Simple

This bike sharing facility will make life a lot easier for people who realize that cycling also adds to overall fitness levels. Booking 100 rides on this wonderful new age eco-friendly app is equivalent to planting a tree in the neighborhood. At a time when the air we breathe is getting more and more toxic, it’s imperative that we opt for apps like Zypp because a little cycling can reduce some of the uncalled-for smoke that finds into the air.

You can do your bit for the environment by downloading Zypp and taking a cycle to home or work. Just download Zypp and get started in your crusade against air pollution because this app and its wonderful fleet team of e bikes want to stay by your side for the long haul.

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