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A boy who used to make his living by singing at various bars and cafe, and then makes a plan to upload some hilarious and quick-witted vines on Youtube with a equally witty name – BB ki Vines,  and in next couple of years he becomes  a YouTube sensation making himself the first Indian to get a 10 million subscribers mark. This is the story of none other than our newest talk of the town internet sensation Bhuvam Bam.


He made millions go ROFL with his jocular vines, crossing 10 Million subscribers latterly. Bhuvam Bam plays some quick-witted 15 characters in his vines crossing this mark.


Well, BB initially used to upload his videos only on Facebook which barely got the attention of 20 viewers on his first video. After a friend’s advice, he started to make and upload his videos on YouTube. And, then there was no turning back for BB and he still continues to make people laugh out their heart out with this videos.


A turning point in his life when he saw a reporter interviewing a mother asking all witless questions during the Kashmir floods in  2015. He mockingly imitated the reporter in his one video on YouTube and used a youtube to facebook thumbnail converter to share the same on Facebook. His video grabbed the attention of thousands in one night, giving all the appreciation for his work. The video shot up and went viral all across the country making him famous overnight with no turning back.


He got fame and rise eventually with his constant uploads of videos much appreciated for his quick-witted punch lines and timely dialogues delivery while imitating various people in his character. His videos were immediately a talk of town making him attain a mark of 2 million subscribers in less than a year.


He could make these many people grab his attention by uploading his marvelous videos on both YouTube and Facebook by using a good youtube to facebook thumbnail converter like Yt2Fb who delivers the perfect large facebook thumbnails.


But, as it is said, what is fame without a controversy. Same happened with BB when his one video named “Papa Makichu” was claimed by a musician Tahir Shah as a copyright infringement. Bhuvam then went online and asked his fans to request Tahir Shah to remove this senseless allegation imposed on him and his video.


Another controversy with which Bhuvam was involved was playing a role of Dr. Sehgal which he stopped playing eventually. Though people loved this character and were disappointed with his this move, he claimed that Dr. Sehgal was an actual person, who resided in his own house. Since then people used to reach Dr. Sehgal’s clinic to tease him with the videos making his life uncomfortable.


Bhuvam realized his mistake of imitating Dr. Sehgal’s character and regretted it in an interview of his with Rajeev Masand.


In 2016, Bhuvam Bham was awarded at the WebTV Asia Awards held in Seoul, South Korea for running the most popular Indian YouTube Channel. In the following year, he collaborated with the Viral Fever and announced his entry in the industry with an episode on Bachelors vs Landlords.


Making himself successful with his vines, finally, BB decided to divert his attention and passion on the thing that he loved the most – MUSIC. And, as talented this man his we got some great music eventually like ‘Teri Meri Kahani’, ‘Safar. His latest artistic work is released recently a music video named ‘Rahguzaar’.


BB aspires to be a full-time songwriter in Bollywood as is looking forward to releasing some more mesmerizing music videos in the future.


That’s the story of a boy who never thought he will make this big one day. All this was possible with his immense talent and smart-work of using a good website for converting his videos on youtube to facebook large thumbnails. One of these good sites we know is Yt2Fb which offers the best conversation of large facebook thumbnails and that too free.



As per reports, BB is working on his latest project a short film, which will be featuring veteran actress Divya Dutta also. This movie will be co-produced by him. With his aim of entering Bollywood, we are pretty sure his success rate will give him an opportunity really soon to entertain us on that big silver screen.

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