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Many international students aspiring to study in France opt for Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees offered for the higher education at universities in France. For the courses which are for more than 3 months, one needs to apply for the France Long Stay Visa with Residence Permit (VLS-TS). Here, we are discussing what is the Long Stay Visa, How to Apply for the Long Stay Visa in France, and all the documents required for the long stay visa.

Long Stay Visa in France:

The long stay visa is specifically for international students pursuing higher education degrees for more than 3 months. The visa is valid for one year. It also serves as a residence permit, which one has to validate once they arrive in France. The Student Visa in France can act as a residence permit when it is certified by OFII, the French office for Immigration and Integration. The visa is to be applied through Campus France.

Long Stay Visa Requirement:

As we have mentioned one needs to apply through the campus France website. You need to create an account on Campus France website, and then fill the application details carefully. The details will contain general information of the students, like academic records, resume, Statement of Purpose, Language proficiency test scores, etc.

Once the application is submitted, Campus France will review the file and provide you with an appointment date. The final step of this process is to pay the application fee for the Campus France.

Visa Interview:

Once the Campus France application procedure is complete, there will be an interview with a Campus France officer on the date of appointment. You need to bring the original documents listed below, and their photocopies with you when you appear for the Interview. The Interview questions will include questions about the academic background of the student, why he or she has chosen a particular course and one specific institution from the universities in France.

VFS France:

Once the Interview is concluded, one needs to apply for the VFS on “France Visas” website. Students are required to create an account there, and it will help them in keeping track of their application. The Campus France will schedule an appointment with VFS where you will have to submit your original documents, photocopies, Passport and biometrics. You need to collect your visa from the VFS when approved, validate your status in France within three months of arrival if you have applied for OFII.

Documents Required for Student Visa in France

There are some supporting and necessary documents required for the application. Here is the list:

  • France Student Visa Application Form duly filled and signed
  • Photographs as per application specification
  • A Valid Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance from a university in France
  • Proof of Monetary Funds
  • Letter of Accommodation
  • Health Insurance
  • Flight Tickets

Work Permit on Student Visa in France:

Students in France require no special work permit to work at part-time jobs. International students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week with Long Stay Study Visa in France. They can work for full time jobs only during the breaks between semesters, and are allowed to work in France as long as their Long Stay Visa in France is valid.

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