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Getting into a car accident is a shocking and unpleasant experience of anyone’s life. Personal injury accidents can get complicated at one stage or the other. In this case, a skilled attorney helps the victim understand various legal options as well as his or her rights. The attorney provides critical information to the victim that is necessary to win the compensation claims.

Following are ways when an attorney helps you win your personal injury case:

  1. Dealing with Insurance Companies:

Insurance companies don’t have your best interest in their mind when it comes to a personal injury accident. These companies are there to make a profit and do business and thus will not consider the circumstances while dealing with an auto accident claims. An experienced personal injury attorney in New York City informs the victims about various tactics used by these companies to offer as less compensation as possible. The attorney communicates with the insurance companies on the victim’s behalf to recover the fair compensation.

  1. Statute of Limitations:

Personal injury cases have a strict statute of limitations. Although this limitation may be different in each state, however, the personal injury lawyer files the case within this time period. For instance, in Illinois, the statute of limitations 2 years from the date of the accident. Moreover, conducting a factual investigation is also important to collect evidence as soon as possible. In order to learn about the statute of limitations about your case, you must consult a lawyer immediately after your recovery.

  1. Follow Attorney’s instructions About Social Media Usage:

Any information you post on your social media profiles is public information and can make or break your case. Similarly, if your post anything about your personal life right after the accident may prove to be a dismissal of your own claim of injury and its compensation. The attorneys, in this case, advise their clients to avoid usage of social media so that any insurance company or the defendant should not find any activity that could eventually be used against you. So it is better to stop using social media, or if you must use it, control the privacy and content you post on your profile.

  1. The Case of being Partially At-Fault:

Even if you are at fault partially, he attorneys examine the case and determine how much you were at fault. Few states follow the rule of modified comparative negligence rule in which if the victim is at fault less than 50%, he or she is subject to the compensation.

So, if your fault in the accident does not exceed 50%, you will be subject to the compensation, however, the amount of the compensation will be decreased in proportion to the degree of your fault.

  1. Recovery for Emotional and Physical Injuries:

In addition to financial compensation, your attorney also seeks compensation for emotional and physical pain and suffering. Although the victim focuses on the physical recovery and compensation, however, the person may also be suffering from psychological injuries too. Such injuries can range from mental anguish, emotional distress, shock or fear, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), acute stress or depression. Since mental injuries are difficult to prove, collecting medical records and evidence is very important which helps prove the injuries in the court.

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