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Unlike earlier, when people had time to actually sit and enjoy three square meals a day, contemporarily, life has become a marathon race for majority of us. Every other moment is like a wrapped roll of stress and hassle.

Exceptions are always there. It is advised that instead of living in frustration or allowing cosmopolitan mess to creep in your life in any way, enjoy each and every moment in your life. It’s not just for sake of saying or writing anywhere, it is actually secret mantra to lead a happy a peaceful life.  It is nowhere written that you have to spend sky scraping prices to lead a happy and satisfying life. Afterall, why and what do you earn for? You need to understand the major difference between living happily and compelling yourself to lead a satisfying life, despite earning well.

At times, you can do small things to pamper your dear ones and win over their expectations. You can plan a get-together meeting with your friends, go for shopping, invite your friends for dinner and the most preferred one i.e. go out for dinner. The moment it comes to going out for dinner, majority of us are clueless as to where to go. At times, even our favorite dining spots demand self to go at a new place.  Dhaba by Claridges comes as a happy call for those who want to enjoy lunch or dinner at an extra ordinary place.

Though you will come across glimpse of perfection in every single corner at Dhaba by Claridges, best part that you would have a feeling that their entire team is doing one thing or the other to pamper you bring you back to the Dhaba for one more time, at least. This gesture of helpers and panel of professional chefs here at Dhaba Claridges evidently implicates that they emphasize on having a long-term association with their customers. The management here is highly concerned about the feedback that they get from their customers. It is also ascertained that queries are resolved and apt steps of action is taken in conjunction to feedback in real time.

Moment when a family goes out to a restaurant, they wish to take care of them similar to that of their home. It has been seen that it’s not the case with just one family; rather almost every family comes with similar expectations. Everyone is aware of what a typical dhaba connotes to? If not, then Dhaba by Claridges is a one stop destination for people like you. Dhaba Claridges is winning over people taste and preference and offers an unbelievable experience to spend quality time with family in magical ambience and food without missing excitement and adventure associated with rustic culture.

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