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Designer Rakhi’s have been around for ages now but they never really made it to the limelight. This was mainly due to the fact that very few vendors, if any, featured these unique Rakhi designs in their collection. To add to the problem, because none of them had an online presence, you could only find out about their existence through word of mouth.

Now however, we have designer Rakhi’s online that not only feature unique designs but also incredibly unique materials too. This trend of designer Rakhi online has brought these styles to people all over the country who would have previously never known designs like these existed. Plus, it’s not just one e-commerce store that features these designer Rakhi’s, you can find the same style of Designer Rakhi’s on multiple online stores. This gives you the luxury of finding prices, materials and designs that suit your specific requirement.

So, listed below are some of the latest trends in designer Rakhi’s that you can buy online.

• Semi-Precious Stone Rakhi’s

These Rakhi’s feature unique and incredibly beautiful semi-precious gemstones. Of course, you could have a Rakhi with diamonds and gold but that becomes rather expensive. Semi-precious stones are not only stunning to look at but also quite cost efficient and feature vibrant colors that stand out in a crowd.

• Zardosi Rakhi’s

These are quite a bit more traditional than the other styles of Rakhi’s listed here but because of the artwork displayed on these Zardosi Rakhi’s, they can’t be left out of this list. Zardosi, refers to a style of embroidery that originated out of countries like India, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other central Asian countries. These designs ooze of tradition and are a by-product of intricate handwork that can’t be found elsewhere or mimicked by machines.

• Origami Rakhi’s

Yeah, you read that right. You can legitimately get origami Rakhi’s too now. These Rakhi’s use the world-famous Origami style to create unique Rakhi’s that have never been seen before. This is probably the most unique trend in Rakhi’s today and is gaining popularity due it’s unique nature and visual appeal. After all, who doesn’t love wearing something that no one else has.

• Rudraksha Rakhi’s

Ever heard of Rudraksha seeds? These seeds are considered in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism to represent the tear drops of Mahadev. As a result, they are considered to be extremely powerful and are highly sought after. Now, you can even find Rakhi’s that have been made using Rudraksha seeds instead of regular threading or fake crystal beads. Wearing these is said to be highly auspicious for your wellbeing. This is why a lot of sisters have been gifting their brothers Rudraksha Rakhi’s on Raksha Bandhan. So, it might be worth giving this style of Rakhi a shot this time round.

• Kid’s Rakhi’s

If your brother is older than 16, he would surely appreciate all the styles listed above. However, if he’s any younger, he’d prefer kid’s Rakhi’s any day of the week. These Rakhi’s have been designed to put a smile on the face of young boys and make Raksha Bandhan a more relatable and enjoyable experience for them. These Rakhi’s feature everything from superheroes to cartoon characters as their centerpieces and have been designed keeping the minds of little boys in mind.

So, break away from the standard norm of regular Rakhi’s and gift your brother something a bit special this Raksha Bandhan. He will surely appreciate the effort you’ve put in, if not the Rakhi itself.

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