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Strategic Tips To Become A Good Salesperson

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In this modern era of entrepreneurship, people are eagerly developing and implementing new business ideas. Well, we’ve seen a lot of unique business models in the past few years. Maybe you too are thinking to start something new. It seems you need to sell your business to potential consumers. How to do that? It requires […]

3 Pillars of Successful Leadership Transitions

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People commit a fallacy when they use change and transitions interchangeably. While both talk about a shift, change is about the shift in the external environment, while transitions on the contrary is the process of internalizing and adapting the change. Transitions are typically high tension and high-stake event and transitioning at work place has been […]

2 Ways to Test Your Startup Idea

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Most startups come up short. Civil arguments concerning why are almost as old as Silicon Valley itself. Some contend it was the group and its failure to execute, while others point to the absence of a business opportunity for thought.   Business people put their essence into these thoughts (also their capital), and as a […]