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Mobycy Rated as one of the Best Ride Sharing Apps to Watch for in 2019

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The Gurgaon based bicycle sharing app, Mobycy has won the hearts of the elite panel from the industry and won the STAMP (Station Access and Mobility Program) challenge 2018 in Hyderabad. The challenge, in alliance with the Government of Telangana, L&T Metro Rail and the Hyderabad Metro Rail aims to provide high quality first and […]

The Trend of Bicycles in India is Back with Mobycy App

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The only memory that anyone has of cycling is the 90s kids who rode all the way to their school or just shuttling around with parents when visiting their grandparent’s place and that was ages ago. Given that two-wheelers and 4-wheelers have zoomed through the market and somewhere the joy of cycling had been lost […]

Mobycy to Unveil New E-Scooters in Hyderabad

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Mobycy is ready to expand their operation in Hyderabad with electric scooters and bicycle. The Main focus of Mobycy, is to provide an affordable and environment-friendly mode of transportation for users. Download the Mobycy App and complete your last mile in minimum transportation cast.