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Trademark Search: A Must in Trademark Registration?

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Trademarks are an essential part of a brand identity and are often defined as a mark, design or a word that allows you to differentiate between products and/or services from rest of the brands. Trademark Registration is a lengthy and time taking procedure, therefore; it is necessary to make sure that you do not make […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid while Naming your Business

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A name for your business is important; think of it as the foundation of the entire business structure. So what happens if the alignment it a little off? The rest of the structure is never going to be right. A business name defines the tone, personality, character and the very identity of the business. What’s […]

Why Escape Room Games are so popular?

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Why Escape Rooms are so popular? A corporate office is an amalgamation of different types of people who have different qualities and different skills. The success of any company depends in a big way on its employees. It is important that each and every employee puts their best foot forward and delivers his 100%. In addition […]

2 Ways to Test Your Startup Idea

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Most startups come up short. Civil arguments concerning why are almost as old as Silicon Valley itself. Some contend it was the group and its failure to execute, while others point to the absence of a business opportunity for thought.   Business people put their essence into these thoughts (also their capital), and as a […]

Property Management Services |

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 Housewise rental property management services in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, and Gurugram is the best leadership company among all rental management companies showing interests in Real Estate rental properties for NRIs. We are ever growing trusted business working for last a decade with more than hundreds of NRIs by taking care of […]


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The cost to consumers for medicines has always been a matter of concern. Most of the people in our country consume, on an average, INR 100 value of medicines. With condition and severity of the disease, the amount spent on medicine per person can vary anywhere between INR3,000 to INR10,000 per month. The government has, […]

Cycle on Rent is the Next Big Thing via app-based Services for Faster Commute

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Not that we have forgotten the good old ways of commuting via cycles solely for health-related purposes, but the convenience of cabs just seems too far-fetched. Not to mention expensive. Purchasing a high-end cycle in the current date can be really challenging. But does that mean that you put your environment aficionado instinct to rest […]

Mobycy to Unveil New E-Scooters in Hyderabad

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Mobycy is ready to expand their operation in Hyderabad with electric scooters and bicycle. The Main focus of Mobycy, is to provide an affordable and environment-friendly mode of transportation for users. Download the Mobycy App and complete your last mile in minimum transportation cast.