The Evolution of Web Design

The World Wide Web was developed almost 30 years prior by Tim Berners Lee to help individuals effectively share information around the world. Over the next decades, it has changed altogether – both in terms of design and functionality, as well its more profound job in modern society. The first […]

3 Best Croatian Cities

Tucked away in the Balkans somewhere in the mid-region of the continent lies the charming nation of Croatia which has proved the go-to country for holidays these days. With a summer and winter weather that is to die for not forgetting the many attractions within its borders, this Adriatic nation […]

Healthiest Massages in the World

Sandy beaches, wild nature, historic attractions, and enchanting waters are some of the prerequisites of the perfect holiday in the books of most people and an authentic native massage serves as the icing on the cake. For those mostly interested in the latter, this post is for you as we’ll […]

Essentials Oils: How They Treat Health Issues?

Both plants and humans are vulnerable to fungal infections through pathogenic fungi. Also, some synthetic fungicides are well-known to be very effective in controlling them. Nevertheless, synthetic fungicides usage is limited, as they possess substantial toxicity. In addition, there is a higher public concern on the augmented health & environmental […]