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Hospitality Management also popularly known as Hotel Management offers very lucrative career options. One can join hotels as floor manager, Administrator or a chef; one can join corporate companies as facility or admin professional, travel and tourism is also an option, you can be an event manager or a public house manager and you can even start your own restaurant if you have a hospitality management degree or diploma.  After Hospitality Management course the job options are many, only you need to have ambitions to achieve the best.  And there are many colleges in Kolkata that are helping these ambitious students to fulfil their ambitions.

Some of the best universities and hospitality management colleges in Kolkata are University of Engineering and Management, IIHM Kolkata, Sister Nivedita University, International School of Hotel Management, JB Hospitality Management, Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, etc.

Going for Hospitality management course is no doubt a best option for you. Not just it opens doors of best jobs for you in India and abroad but the course itself improves your personality and life style. Here is something more about the course.

Improves lifestyle– Not any other course trains you to improve your personality and life style like the course of Hospitality management does. You learn eating etiquettes, dressing etiquettes, learn to keep houses and building beautifully, talking etiquettes, different languages, whines, foods and more. You learn about the best living etiquettes and that helps you in improving your own personality and life style.

Wide range of career options–  To many, Hospitality management and especially Hotel Management may sound like a course that help you get a job in hotels but it is not at all true. Hotel Management courses offer a wide range of career options.  Almost all MNCs need building administrators, transport administrator, food and beverage administrators and a diploma in Hotel management can lead you to that Job. Hotel and restaurants need HM graduates and diploma holders. You can even get government jobs through Hotel management course as these are highly in demand in Indian tourism department. Apart from these, Event management, Hospitality management, Public house management and many more such options are there for you, once you have done your Hospitality Management course.

Growing demand of Hospitality Management professionals within country as well as in foreign countries – Hotels and restaurants are flourishing in India like never before. The industry is attracting foreign franchises to India as well. There are a huge number of India as well as international hotel chains in every city in India which offer jobs to fresh as well as experienced hotel management professionals. Hospitality management colleges in Kolkata make sure that students from their colleges get internship in these reputed hotels. Not just in India the demand of hospitality management professionals is increasing globally and that is why many Indian hotel management students find job is foreign countries very easily.

Best pay packages – Hotel Managers and chefs get very impressive salaries and same is when you join MNCs as an admin manager. Pay packages in government jobs are also very good. If one starts its own restaurant, resort or hotel business there is no limit of income.

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