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It’s not easy to work in sales. You are under great pressure to complete your quota and the results. If the sale does not meet the targets set out, most of the responsibility falls on sales management. Sales managers are responsible for the performance of their teams. Fortunately, with the use of Sales Management Software Solution in India, meeting goals is very easy compared to not using it to run your efforts.


The best way to ensure that your team is meeting with quota, closing enough opportunities, and running revenue, to measure sales activity and performance closely. Measuring and analyzing the matrix is ​​important for maintaining insight into your team’s results and identifying broken links in the series so that you can fix them and keep performing at a high level.


To ensure that you are getting maximum information from your sales tracking Software, we have compiled six key metrics that you should track.


1.Close rate

It’s an easy metric to measure, but one is very important. Closed rates vary widely by industry. There are many estimates of average close rates in industries, ranging from 6% to 65%. So, your best approach would be to calculate your current close rate and focus on continuously improving it. This will give you better service than trying to meet the industry’s benchmark because they are widely different and not reliable.


  1. Your sales team lacks the necessary product knowledge to close the deal
  2. The sales team is focusing on features and not enough on the benefits
  3. Your representative can not cooperate with prospects
  4. The sales team is unable to fully understand the case of the use of the prospect or is presenting the product in a way that demonstrates how it can benefit the unique prospect.
  5. Your marketing team is successfully qualifying


  1. Win Versus Los Rated

If you use sales management software with powerful metrics and reporting capabilities, you can easily measure the win and loss rate. Victory versus loss rate is only the percentage of those lost vs. winning opportunities.


Another advantage of measuring win vs loss rate is that with strong sales management software service you can see personal lost opportunities and can see why they were lost. This insight is invaluable, because it allows you to work to find and repair the common causes of damage.


3.Sales funnel analysis

These are the types of questions one of whose sales funnel analysis can answer. Analyzing the status of your sales funnel reveals how well your sales team is performing. Doing this allows you to identify the hindrances that prevent you from going from one stage to another.


There may be many reasons for your loss rate to be high. Analyze your losses to fix any issues and gain insight needed to move through a funnel towards conversion.


4.sales pipeline

Analysis of sales pipelines differs from analyzing sales funnels. While funnel analysis looks at all the leads and they are in the buyer’s journey, pipeline analysis measures the number of open opportunities and the rate at which you are closing them.


Expert Tip: If you find that a representative is knocking out of the park on a consistent basis, while the second representative constantly fights to hit their targets, then you can add them and mention the overpowering representative from the overpower Can say for This kind of cooperation will not only improve the performance of the Sangh representative, but also create a great image in your team.


  1. Customer Retention Rate

It’s very common – almost norms – that sales reps focus more on winning new customers and earning commissions, because they nurture their customer relationships. However, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and reducing your brain rate will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

If you include advanced telephony capabilities in your sales management tools, you can track the call of a personal sales representative. And today, it’s easy to find a solution that provides it. Those capabilities allow you to track and record calls made by sales, so you can be held responsible for retaining them till the end of the bargain.


  1. Sales call data

With the use of the advanced telephony features mentioned above, sales managers can closely monitor calls made and the length of those calls. They can also record calls, and those recordings are stored in your sales management software. This allows managers to listen to conversations again and identify those causes, due to which calls are successful (or not) in the next step.



These days, many small and growing businesses are using All-In-One CRM because it includes sales management software Provider, marketing automation and customer support capabilities, all on one platform. This allows sales managers to dig deeper into the issues faced by their teams, as they also have access to marketing and access metrics.


Also, some of these systems are available at no charge, which means that you can apply free sales management Software and Archiz CRM software and get full marketing and customer support automation without any additional fees.

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