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On my previous article, I wrote about gift ideas for a practical boyfriend in which I’ve mentioned how girls experience a hard time thinking of what to give their boyfriends on their birthdays. Well, obviously because most men are not really as easy to please as girls. This time, I’d like to take a twist and turn. What about men trying to surprise their significant others? You might believe it’s an easy peasy thing but the challenge is how creative can men be in this case.


These are often the little things that matter the most when keeping a girlfriend happy. But either simple or extravagant, what makes her even happier is how you take these surprises into the next level, the more creative if possible. Women are impressed by just knowing that their guys care for them. What more if you put a little spice to these simple efforts?


Try these ideas that will knock her socks off:

1. Plant her bedroom with hidden love notes.

Who would never get surprised by love notes, especially when they’re hidden? For guys who can’t be romantic for once and simply can’t think of something to write about, just tell her what you love about her and what she means to you. You can also write about funny moments, birthday wishes, emotional messages, or even corny pick-up lines. Hide these notes separately. Maybe place one under her pillow, another one in her planner, or anywhere else that she spends most of her time. And remember not to hide too much; otherwise, the plan will only get ruined.


2. Wake her up to her favorite song.

If you think voice is your charm, use it to serenade her in the morning when she wakes up. This way lets you be the first person to greet her. Singing your original song is a great advantage but you can also cover her favorite song.   


3. Plan a weekend getaway.

Taking her to a place she’s been dreaming to visit will surely give her the most priceless reaction on her face. But of course, the way you ask her should be in a creative way as well. Pick her up after work with a map showing a target spot of any specific place she wanted to travel. Then at the back of the map, write down your invite note. You can also note that her luggage is already packed at home so she can’t say no. Well, I know she won’t but just to surprise her a bit more.   


4. Send her 99 roses (or any of her favorite flower).

This cute surprise is something I’ve seen from a famous Chinese drama. Take advantage of those flower shops that offer home delivery services. On her birthday, send her a bouquet with 99 pieces of her favorite flower. On a piece of note, ask her to count the flowers and see if there are exactly 100 buds. She’ll get likely confused about the counting stuff so that’s when you start appearing at her door to give her the 100th flower she’s been looking for.   

5. Throw a surprise party with unexpected visits from her friends.

This is a kind of surprise plan that has to be arranged at least two to three months ahead of her birthday. Some old friends might be traveling from afar so give them enough time to settle things and schedule a flight or trip towards her place. This is ideal especially when she has never seen her friends for a very long time. So, imagine how she would feel when all of a sudden few of her old friends turn up to greet her on her special day. Believe me, you can absolutely expect a warm hug after this.  


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