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Asia is a continent with a generosity in ancient temples, diverse cultures, captivating food and breathtaking scenery which annually attract thousands to its borders. Its tourism infrastructure is always on the rise and coupled with manageable visiting costs, Asia is a tourist hot-spot that many look to for the ultimate holiday. In particular, the following three cities have come up as the pick of the bunch for visitors from all around the world:

1) Seoul, South Korea
South Korea is known for its “yin and yang” symbol which depicts how two different parts coalesce into perfect harmony for a better whole and the city of Seoul excellently typifies the meaning of the emblem on the national flag. This budding cosmopolitan offers a nice mix of contradictions seamlessly merging to realize the ideal city with a nice balance of past, present, nature, and modernity.

Shopping districts claim endless miles of the cityscape with eccentric nightclubs breaking up the monotony every now and again. Old Seoul not too far away from the city itself serves up an overflowing plate of culture and history sprawling back hundreds of years for those who’d like to do more than just shop. From the rustic village of Bukchon to the well-preserved palace of the Joseon Dynasty, lovers of history will have plenty to look forward to.

2) Hong Kong, China
There are more than 300 skyscrapers in Hong Kong making it the highest ranked city in that regard bettering second-placed New York by close to 70 buildings. That sets the tone of what to expect in this sophisticated modern hub and that is a massive skyline filled with awe and wonder.

Besides a domineering metropolis, the city also offers a slice of sandy beaches, fresh air and serene nature in designated locations around the area. There are also a couple of tranquil islands off its shores perfect for those set on island hopping. It’s not all present age shopping and in-fashion trends in the city with it determined to keep hold of its rich past. Consequently, you’ll find ancient temples almost everywhere you go and traditional parlors offering ancient healing therapies such as a Hong Kong massage.

3) Cebu City, Philippines 
Cebu is billed as the center of tourism, commerce and trade in the country offering a city praised for its striking architecture, exemplary food, charming people, and infectious energy that follows you wherever you go. Its expansive archipelago which lays 167 pristine islets and islands at your fingertips is perhaps the highlight of its sterling CV ensuring miles upon miles of sugar white sands overlooking gorgeous coral reefs and a vast blue ocean.

Cebu is most known for its heavenly mother nature but the city is also coming into its own as a heritage site and a present-age cosmopolitan as well. Colon street dishes out the latter aspect in spades availing winsome high-rise apartments lined with vivid markets selling everything from shoes to trinkets. The Cebu Heritage Monument stands as the shining example of its historic appeal offering tales of past revolutions, battles, and invasions enough for a quintet of movies.

Chiang Mai in Thailand is also a great place to consider for your vacation as is the beautiful city of Singapore in Singapore and Japan’s capital of Tokyo.

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