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Tucked away in the Balkans somewhere in the mid-region of the continent lies the charming nation of Croatia which has proved the go-to country for holidays these days. With a summer and winter weather that is to die for not forgetting the many attractions within its borders, this Adriatic nation has a little bit of something for everyone. Its cities have an abundance of well-preserved historical remains and plenty of warm sandy beaches among other ingredients necessary for a perfect getaway. On that note, look to the following trio for a taste of Croatia’s finest:

1) Split
“Game of Thrones” fans- and history enthusiasts as well- will be jumping at the idea of the old town whose Roman architectural leftovers have provided nostalgic backdrops for the blockbuster series. From rustic churches to museums brimming with past treasures, the town is a maze of centuries-old structures which complement perfectly the unperturbed nature rolling off mountain tops and across untouched vegetation in parks and gardens.

Split is also home the works of Ivan Mestrovic whose legendary sculptures remain visible to date while it also doubles up as a party location thanks to its waterfront Riva that provides lovely settings for summer festivals. What’s more, for those whose idea of a holiday must include sandy beaches, the town’s golden coastline has got you covered availing a number of delightful seaside spots.

Over the years though, Split’s greatest selling point has perhaps been the convenient location that sets it out perfectly as an excellent launching pad to the picturesque islands of Hvar, Vis, and Brač.

2) Dubrovnik
It is not without good reason that this town has been christened the “Pearl of the Adriatic” as it truly is a place of enchanting beauty and mesmerizing constructions reeking of the Roman touch. Dubrovnik has served as the beguiling setting for King’s Landing in the aforementioned TV series pairing well with other wondrous locations such as Klis Fortress and the UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace (both in Split) to realize depictions of past royalties and ancient empires.

History continues to unfold throughout the town across places such as St John fort, Loggia square and Rector’s palace among others making it the perfect town for history buffs. It also has much to offer the eyes as it does the mind with the city a collection of spectacular views and mesmerizing nature as well.

3) Rovinj
Rovinj is a town set within a peninsula that is as quiet as it is gorgeous. Venetian themed palaces and vibrant architecture overrun the layout providing a charming landscape to go with an enthralling seascape imbued with popular fishing spots. If you are looking to take up residence in the country, this serene and peaceful town is a great place to start looking up Croatia property for sale thanks to its laid back and charismatic edge.

The town’s reputation also includes the 17th-century marvel of St Euphemia- which takes after Venice’s famous St Marks- that provides jaw-dropping views of the amazing skyline and the graceful river that meanders below it. Divine native beaches, Punta Corrente natural park, scintillating gastronomy, and the Rovinj Heritage Museum round off the town’s basket of goodies.

Be sure to also spare some time for Croatia’s capital of Zagreb. It loses out on this list but is an inland town with much to offer including Austro-Hungarian architecture, amazing street art, and socialist-era constructions to name just a few. Overall though, Croatia’s appeal spans beyond this compilation as the Balkan nation is a collection of all sorts of beautiful towns.

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